Thursday, March 31, 2011

KARA records 1 million copies in album sales

KARA has recorded over 1 million copies in album sales, after only eight months in the Japanese music industry!
According to information revealed by Universal Music Japan on March 31st, KARA’s five albums – “Mister“, “Jumping“, “Girl’s Talk“, “Best Clips“, “KARA Best 2007-2010” – have sold a total of 1,080,000 copies in all.
“Girl’s Talk,” which was released last November, sold 430k copies so far and even ranked at the top ofOricon’s music chart for nine consecutive weeks after its release. “KARA Best Clip” DVD (released last February) and “KARA Best 2007-2010″ (released last September) sold 200k copies respectively. Meanwhile, “KARA Best Clip” managed to rank at the top of the weekly charts for two months in a row as well. As for the girls’ singles – “Mister,” and “Jumping” – they each sold 130k and 110k.
Im Jin Mo, a pop culture critic, commented, “After BoA and TVXQ, KARA is the first to surpass 1 million copies. As rookies who debuted only eight months in Japan, this is an astounding feat. I think the fact that they’ve created a position for themselves as Korean idols in Japan’s idol culture is a bigger achievement.”

SHINee’s Key hints at a new album?

SHINee’s Key recently appeared on the March 29th broadcast of Love Chaser, where he dropped some surprising news – SHINee is in the midst of producing a new album!
He created a short video message for his grandmother, speaking in his native Daegu dialect. The devoted grandson cheered, “Grandmother, SHINee is preparing our new album now, so you have to critique it again.  I love you!

Jay Park delivers a hot opening stage for Ne-Yo

Jay Park recently opened for Ne-Yo’s stage at the “2011 Hyundai Mall 40th Anniversary Concert“.
Jay expressed that the experience was quite formidable for him, especially because he was the only opener for the American singer.
He commented, “It’s an honor to open for Ne-Yo, who I’ve been a fan of and respected as a musician. I’ll work hard to show a more awesome side of myself on the concert’s opening stage.”
You can check out videos of Jay Park’s performance below:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lee Min Ho aims to show off his swimming skills for ‘City Hunter’

Actor Lee Min Ho is presently training his body and mind with swimming lessons.
As SBS’s ‘City Hunter’ prepares to go into filming, Lee Min Ho has been taking swimming lessons every day since the end of last year at a hotel swimming pool in Kangnam. He’s shown a sophisticated and sensual side through his previous works, KBS’ ‘Boys over Flowers’ and MBC’s ‘Personal Preference’, but for his new drama, Lee Min Ho will strive to exhibit more of his masculine side through the character, ‘Lee Yoon Sung’ – a previous MIT professor and current Cheongwadae national communications agent.
An association of Lee Min Ho passed on, “While tackling brilliant action scenes that emphasize his long limbs, Lee Min Ho will also be showing off his swimming skills. He’s exercising regularly every day so that he could show a more natural appearance, rather than professional techniques.
Because his breakthrough role in ‘Boys over Flowers’ was with a character who couldn’t swim, Lee Min Ho is determined to show off his swimming skills through this opportunity.
An associate of the drama raised anticipation by hinting, “We’re also planning a shot of Lee Min Ho’s muscular body in the swimming scenes as well.”
“City Hunter” will air its first episode on May 25th.

QTV cancels JYJ’s reality show, “JYJ’s Real 24″

Cable channel QTV has officially canceled the broadcasting of JYJ’s upcoming daily reality shows.
On March 1st, C-JES Entertainment posted a notice on their official homepage, which stated, “This is a notice regarding the cancellation of QTV’s broadcasting. We would like to inform fans that JYJ’s reality show detailing their daily lives has been canceled.”
JYJ’s Real 24” was originally scheduled for broadcast in the beginning of February, but it met with various delays. CJES Entertainment eventually received notice that QTV would not be able to broadcast the show; further inquiries on how such a decision came about have been left unanswered.
C-JES continued, “We would like to apologize to the fans who anticipated the show with all of the reports and promotions that QTV put out. QTV will be giving C-JES the footage, and we will be working our hardest to make sure that the show airs as soon as possible.”
JYJ’s representatives meanwhile stated, “Today, we received a one-sided notice from the broadcasting company that they would be canceling the broadcast. We’re almost two months into the filming, so it’s very disappointing to learn of this. It’s also upsetting and frustrating that JYJ isn’t able to promote normally. With such an unreasonable decision, not only are the fans hurt, but JYJ as well.”
The representative also expressed, “As for the reason, it’s the reason that everyone knows. It has happened to us a lot of times before and we do not blame QTV.”
Meanwhile, a representative of QTV clarified, “JYJ’s reality show was canceled because schedules did not fit. For a while, we’ve been trying to balance publication rights as well as timing, but we’ve had to rearrange the lineup for a program being produced for April/May.”
They continued, “We never even planned a broadcast date for the program. We were merely trying to buy publication rights for their program to broadcast, it was not a program we produced.”
Regarding netizens speculating external pressure to cancel the show, QTV responded, “That was already ruled in the court, we have absolutely nothing to do with such rumors.”

Lee Seung Gi’s school records revealed on SBS’s “Good Morning”

The February 28th episode of SBS’s “Good Morning” revealed Lee Seung Gi’s school records to the public.
Fans were impressed by the fact that for the majority of his academic career, Lee Seung Gi studied to become a professional businessman. But when Lee Seung Gi took on singing during his final years of school, he switched interests immediately.
The talented actor and singer proceeded to enroll in ‘Broadcasting’ class for a year, and passed with flying colors. His teacher commented, “Lee Seung Gi learned fast. He stayed up late every night and did a lot of practicing.”
Lee Seung Gi’s hard work and dedication definitely pulled through, as he’s one of Korea’s top stars!