Wednesday, November 24, 2010

new boyband - Indonesia

wooooaaa !
ada berita yang super duper hiper mengejutkan .
di Indonesia ada boyband baru .
namanya SM*SH .
boyband ini terdiri dari 6 orang .
nama SM*SH sendiri, berarti Six Man As Six Heroes (6 orang sebagai 6 pahlawan) .
single mereka yang pertama berjudul 'I Heart You' .
if you wanna watch their MV, CLICK HERE ! 
selamat menikmati !
oia, ada yang bilang mereka ini SUJUnya Indonesia .
wah, bener gak yya ? kta tunggu deh debut SM*SH .
moga" ae boyband Indonesia bisa bersaing sma boyband" Korea . aminnn .

Donghae and Heechul - SuJu

donghae - heechul

Almost a month ago, Super Junior’s Donghae would participated in an upcoming SBS drama titled “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter.” Last week, still cuts from his role were released and now a video teaser for the drama has been revealed. Donghae is seen briefly in the teaser on the phone as a construction worker . Donghae said that he was very happy to be a construction worker .


haha . kim Heechul .
he looks so funny . green and purple !
that's funny, isn't that ?
(just wanna share this pic :p)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun surprises

SS501 member Park Jung Min recently revealed a photo from the filming location for his new music video, through which he also demonstrated his close friendship with fellow member Kim Hyung Jun. 

Park Jung Min was filming in Gyeonggi-do, and Kim Hyung Jun decided to come by with some snacks to support his friend.

cute eskimo !

Earlier today, newbie tweeter 4minute’s Sohyun posted pictures of herself at the beauty shop. In the photo, Sohyun is pinching her furry jacket hood around her face, which made the singer resemble a chic eskimo.
She tweeted,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

SNSD - LG Cooky

After teasing us for the first and second time over the past week, LG has finally released the music video of SNSD endorsing their new LG Cooky phone.
Instead of singing to Hey Mickey which is used as the CF music, the girls go Hey Cooky for this cute Cooking Mama inspired concept.
Extended version.

U-Kiss goodbye stage

Having recently celebrated their 800th day anniversary, 
the U-Kiss boys wrapped up their promotions for “Shut Up” 
 at the “2010 Love Sharing Concert“.
The U-Kiss boys have certainly put on great performances in the course of their promotions,
and their fans are loving every minute of it.
But good things have to end someday, so let’s enjoy their goodbye stage today.

'Secret Garden'

Title: 시크릿 가든 / Sikeurit Gadeun / Secret Garden
Chinese Title : 秘密花园
Genre: Melodrama, fantasy, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-13 to 2011-Jan-16
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), a seemingly perfect man yet with certain arrogance and childishness in him, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy of top actresses. One day they went deep into the mountains and entered a strange house. A strange grandmother offered them chocolate to eat. The next day they found themselves changing bodies.

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won
Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im
Yoon Sang Hyun as Oscar (Joo Won’s cousin)
Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul
Lee Philip as Im Jong Soo
Lee Jong Suk (이종석) as Sseon
Yoo In Na as Im Ah Young
Kim Ji Sook as Moon Yeon Hong
Park Joon Geum as Moon Boon Hong
Kim Sung Oh (김성오) as Secretary Oh
Choi Yoon So as Kim Hee Won
Kim Sung Kyum as Moon Chang Soo
Lee Byung Joon as Park Bong Ho
Sung Byung Sook as Park Bong Hee
Yoon Gi Won as Choi Dong Kyu
Yoo Seo Jin as Lee Ji Hyun
Kim Gun as Yoo Jong Heon
Song Yoon Ah as herself (cameo)
Kang Chan Yang (강찬양)
Jang Seo Won (장서원)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 top music chart ! [KBS ver.]

1. Posisi puncak masih di tempati oleh
Judul :: I'll Be Back
Artis :: 2PM

2. Naik 2 peringkat dari posisi sebelumnya

Judul :: Love You Even If I Die
Artis :: Gummy

3. Setia di posisi ketiga

Judul :: Breath
Artis :: BEAST

4. turun 2 peringkat dari posisi sebelumnya

Judul :: The Undoable
Artis :: Ga-in

5. Naik 2 peringkat dari posisi 7 minggu lalu

Judul :: Go Away
Artis :: 2NE1

6. Satu lagi yang naik 2 peringkat dari posisis minggu lalu

Judul :: Breathe
Artis :: miss A

7. posisi ini di tempati lagu baru

Judul :: Sunflower
Artis :: SG Wannabe

8. harus turun 3 peringkat dari posisi minggu lalu

Judul :: Then Then Then
Artis :: Supreme Team & Young-joon

9. Naik kembali 2 peringkat

Judul :: Found It
Artis :: JYJ

10. Posisi buncit di tempati oleh lagu baru

Judul :: In My Eyes (Feat. Lee Jae-hoon)
Artis :: Psy

Kim Hye Su Personally Picked DongHo For "Villain on the Second Floor"

U-Kiss' Dongho is making his movie debut in the "Villain on the Second Floor." His role is an arrogant middle school student who the main character's daughter pines for.

Kim Hyesu, who is the main character of the movie, handpicked Dongho for the part. Dongho commented, "I'm so nervous because it's my first time acting. I'm honored to be working with Han Sukgyu and Kim Hyesu. I want to become as great as they are so I could act with them again."

Good Luck Dongho! I'm pretty sure this movie will be a big hit.

After School to return next month?

Orange Caramel is scheduled to release their 2nd mini-album on November 18th but it seems they won’t promote under sub unit Orange Caramel for too long as After School could make their return in December.
An After School fan on twitter with the user name @kahi_always recently asked @pledisboss (Sunghan) when After School was returning. To the user’s surprise, @pledisboss replied with the tweet:
“@kahi_always 2010.12.02 입니다 / @kahi_always It’s December 2nd, 2010″
So for those of you craving for After School, you seemingly now have a definitive date for their return and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Hopefully, it won’t be delayed like Kahi’s solo. Any further updates on their comeback, we’ll make sure to keep you informed.

Donghae to be in Musical 'The Last Empress Lee Tae Won and Friend’s Musical Gala Show'

It looks like Super Junior member Donghae has another schedule added to his list. He has been chosen to participate in the musical,'The Last Empress Lee Tae Won and Friend’s Musical Gala Show.'

The cast includes Lee Taewon, Yoo JunSang, Kim Ho Young, Bang Jung sik, Seo Bumseok, Cheon Sookyeong, Yoon Young Seok and last but not least, Donghae.

The musical details are as follows:

Venue: Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Center
Date: December 20, 2010 at 8 PM
R Section: 40,000 Won
S Section: 30,000 Won
A Section: 20,000 Won

Donghae is now acting in a drama called, ' Daddy's daughter', currently touring asia with SS3 concerts and now he is going to play in a musical.
I'm afraid the idol himself will have a really busy year end and lets hope that he will present himself as a successful singer and actor with his new musical

Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young looking lovely on set of “Mary Stayed Out All Night”

Never-before-seen cuts of KBS 2TV’s latest drama, “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” were recently revealed.
Being of the same age and having previous work experience as child actors, Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young share a special relationship.
Regarding Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young commented, “Geun Suk has a lot of interest in acting. He’s always livening up the set atmosphere and we connect on a lot of levels so I’m learning a lot from him.
Jang Geun Suk complimented back, “Geun Young is always respectful, bowing and greeting the staff members before anyone else. She has a lot of energy in that small body of hers. She’s such a bright, strong friend that being with her makes me feel better.”
Other staff members that observed the two commented, “Just looking at them, anyone can tell that they’re a lovely couple. They both help everyone feel comfortable on set and maintain a happy atmosphere.


Friday, November 12, 2010

SNSD explains why they didn’t like their group name at first

The members of SNSD made an appearance on SBS’s “One Night TV Entertainment” and revealed that they did not like their group’s name the first time they heard it.
Regarding the name ‘SNSD,’ the girls stated, “We heard the name and became shocked.”
Sooyoung added, “I heard it and cried.”
They explained, “At the time, Korean names weren’t so popular. We expected English names like ‘Eternity,’ ‘Muse,’ or even the Korean phrase for ‘loving relationships,’ ‘Yegrina.’ The fact that ‘Generation’ was included made it so awkward. It’s not even ‘YaIn Generation (Korean drama)’ either...”
They also gave short explanations on their image and their real personality, with Yoona stating, “I’m not as quiet as people think I am. I’m really kind of tom-boyish.” When Tiffany began explaining why she cries so often, the members butted in by adding, “Tiffany doesn’t cry a lot, she has a lot of drool.

GP Basic reveals new single “I’ll Be There”

Girl group GP Basic who made their debut back in August with “Game” and was recently scrutinized for having sexually suggestive content are now back with a new single.

Which SNSD member has the most charm, according to Kim Gura?

For the November 10th episode of  MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery’, the guests became involved in a rather interesting discussion about the ladies of SNSD.
Guest Psy introduced the girls as a topic when he stated, “In the army, SNSD is a religon.” At this, MC Yoon Jong Shin mused, “Once you’re a married man, you start liking Yuri more.”
Singer Lee Juk, who was the other guest for show, agreed with the MC and said, Taeyeon used to be my favorite, but now I like Yuri more.”
MC Kim Gura added, “In SNSD, one begins liking Taeyeon, goes through all the members, and then ends up liking Hyoyeon.” All the other MCs agreed, “It’s because Hyoyeon has the most charm.”
Agree or disagree with the boys from ‘Golden Fishery’? Tell us your thoughts below!

Supernova releases their “Shining Star” MV!

The six-member idol group, Supernova, have been dominating the Oricon charts by landing in the top 5 spots with almost every single they’ve released thus far.
They’ve just unveiled the MV for their newest Japanese single, “Shining Star“, and we’re pretty sure their ‘pelvic dance’ will become a hot topic (or at least a hot dance to emulate).
“Shining Star” will be available for release on December 8th. In the meantime, check out the MV below!

T-ara to take care of Moon Mason for “Hello Baby”

In the past two seasons of “Hello Baby“, SNSD and SHINee each babysat one baby boy. This time around, T-ara will take on the challenge of caring for not one, but three kids!
The popular girl group will take care of Moon Mason and his two younger brothers, Mavin and Maden.
T-ara’s seventh and newest member Hwayoung (twin sister of Co-Ed’s Hyoyoung) will officially start her activities as a group member through this program. For those of you who are curious to see who she is, Hwayoung is the girl on the far right in the photo above.
The first episode will air on November 16th. Who do you think will turn out being the best babysitter amongst them?

2NE1 throws Sandara a surprise birthday party

2NE1 members threw Sandara Park her very own surprise 26th birthday party on November 12th.
Dara uploaded a picture of the festive event on her me2DAY, and it certainly looks like all four members had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday.
She wrote, “Ah~ I’m so happy! Today, I will be able to film all night with a smile. I got cake on my face. I have to film stuff, so what do I do about the makeup? Anyways, thanks guys for making me laugh”
Happy birthday, Dara!

Taiwanese program talks about possible lawsuit from SM for issues concerning SNSD

We previously reported on how SNSD fans were in an uproar over an exposé program, which ran on Taiwan’s ’Super Lucky‘ show. The cast members were discussing about how Korean girl groups are supposedly forced to distribute sexual favors, as well as undergo plastic surgery in their efforts to make it to the top. While these issues are in themselves, contentious, the uproar began when the program used photos of SNSD to exemplify their points.
In face of such a backlash, the hosts of ‘Super Lucky’ talked about their viewpoint regarding SM Entertainment’s possible lawsuit live on air.
They stated that they intended to point out issues with the entertainment industry in Asia, and not just South Korea alone. However, some netizens are not satisfied with the manner in which the hosts made their apology. Apparently, the hosts smiled and made jokes throughout their “apology”, and many are criticizing that it seemed insincere and ridiculous.
Netizens commented, “You should be sincere when you make an apology. I’m Taiwanese, and I’m embarrassed how they make the whole thing a joke”, “Is this situation fun to them? I don’t know how they could laugh and joke while apologizing”, “You are not 3-year-olds. Please make a sincere apology”, “Their actions are not apologetic, but mocking. Aren’t they embarrassed?”, and “They make a negative generalization about the entire Korean music industry, and they apologize like that?”
SM Entertainment has stated earlier that because they feel that the image of SNSD has been used in a malicious manner, they plan to respond accordingly through legal actions.

B2ST unleashes ‘Beautiful’ MV teaser

The MV teaser for B2ST’s 4th mini-album title track, ‘Beautiful‘, has just been released!
Earlier on November 9th, the group teased their fans with a video of their album’s intro, ‘Light Go On Again’. With the release of this new MV teaser, fans have given new nicknames for their idol group: ‘Love-dols’ and ‘Boyfriend-dols’.
In contrast to the overflowing masculinity and charisma they showcased in previous performances, the love song ‘Beautiful’ accentuates a softer and more loving side of the members.

SNSD Seohyun’s shy handshake with a male student

Photos of SNSD’s Seohyun signing autographs at school have been revealed.
On November 12th, photos were posted on a message board with the title, “Photos of Seohyun Signing Autographs at School.” While the college freshman is looking gorgeous dressed down, netizens are more interested in her flustered expression, as she was requested for a handshake by a male student.
Netizens commented, “Her handshake with the male student looks very awkward hehe” “Shyly handshaking kekeke“, and “Diligently attending school, it’s really good to see~
Seohyun is currently attending Dongguk University, where former Wonder Girls member Sunmi and 4minute’s Gayoon will be attending next year. Seohyun was accepted for the 2010 school year as a theater and film major.

Brown Eyed Girls to begin vigorous Japanese promotions in 2011

It’s been reported that Brown Eyed Girls will be officially advancing into Japan next year.
On November 12th, their agency told Star News, ”Brown Eyed Girls will produce a Japanese version of their hit track, ‘Sign‘, and will fully begin promotions in early 2011″.
They continued, “This year, the members have been working through their individual schedules and group stage performances, while simultaneously consorting to their Japanese activities. Next year, they will have a more aggressive Japanese schedule and finally be able to meet their fans.”
For 2010, the group concentrated more on their individual activities, such as Narsha and Ga-In promoting ‘Bbiribbaba‘ and ‘Irreversible‘ respectively. Jea also participated in extra promotions in Thailand, through which she gained a considerable Thai fanbase.
Earlier in the year, their smash hit ‘Abracadabra‘ earned the top ranks on various Japanese music charts; both Japanese and Korean versions of the song place 1st and 2nd on Mu-Mo, the biggest music downloading site in Japan.
After they’ve wrapped up the year with their two-day concert on December 10th and 11th, Brown Eyed Girls will begin planning for a full Japanese promotion cycle.

SNSD “hoots” second K-Chart on Music Bank

Music Bank is back again with a fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances!
Besides the usual fare tonight, former F.T Island member Won Bin made his solo debut, while girl group Rainbow wrapped up their promotions with their goodbye stage.
After seeing off the challenge of SG Wannabe last week, SNSD were up against 2AM for #1 on the K-Chart this week. In the end, it was SNSD who “hooted” their second trophy in a row for “Hoot.”
Congratulations to SNSD who obtained over 20k pts once more!

Other performers tonight include Kan Jong Wook, Sunday Brunch, Seo Young Eun, Miho, Co-Ed, DECEMBER, Nine Muses, BMK, Esther, Girl’s Day, V.O.S., Outsider (feat. LMNOP), KCM, NS Yoon Ji, J-Lim, U-Kiss, Supreme Team, and SG Wannabe.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

KARA’s fairy tale in Thailand

The members of KARA were in Thailand in October to participate in a photo shoot project. The theme was characters from a fairy tale going on an excursion, for which they were able to dress up in various costumes.

Kara in Thailand
Kara in Thailand
Kara in Thailand
Kara in Thailand

Orange Caramel reveals name of comeback title track, “Aing♡”

annyeonghaseyo ! Let me introduce myself :) I'm Sonia CA . This is my first news ! Please enjoy ! :D

After School’s sub-unit group, Orange Caramel, has revealed the title track from their second mini-album.
Aing♡‘ will be leading as the main track from the five-song list, which is comprised of four new tracks and an instrumental.
Their soon-to-be hit single was composed by Wheesung and Jo Young Su, the composer behind their first mini-album title track, “Magic Girl“. The two have come together in an attempt to create another hit, and claim that the song features a ‘Korean melody’ that is sure to delight fans.
The lyrics also include cute expressions, such as “Aing, aing, you make me so happy, aing aing.
Orange Caramel’s new album will be released on November 18th. (Aing, aing! - Shoot, we haven’t even heard the track and we’re loving it already!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Beautiful Japanese Lady Behind SNSD’s & SHINee’s Dances, Nakasone Rino

Siapa yang tidak tahu single hit SNSD, “Genie”? Umumnya semua K-Pop mania tahu lagu ini, bahkan mungkin pernah melihat video musiknya sekali ( kalau SONE mungkin sudah melihat MV-nya berkali-kali ). Tapi tidak semua orang tahu siapa “tangan-dan-kaki” pencipta gerakan dance SNSD di lagu “Genie” tersebut. Nah, kali ini, KI akan memberikan info mengenai penari brilian pencipta gerakan dance SNSD dan juga SHINee. Ia adalah seorang wanita cantik keturunan Jepang, seorang penari hip hop bernama Rino Nakasone. Ia berasal dari Okinawa. Namanya setelah menikah adalah Rino Nakasone Razalan.

Ia pindah ke Amerika saat berusia 19 tahun, dan ia sering ikut touring dengan berbagai artis sebagai penari back-up artis-artis tersebut. Saat ini, ia adalah dance dan instruktur dance di Los Angeles. Bersama Jae Won, Ia menciptakan koreografi dance Yunho dan Changmin sewaktu mereka membawakan lagu “Maximum” di konser SM Live.

Berada di Amerika sejak usia 19 tahun, dan selama di Amerika, ia menjadi asisten koreografer bagi Janet Jackson. Ia juga dancer backup untuk Britney Spears dan Gwen Stefani. Ia menikah di tahun 2007 dengan Lee Razalan.

Ia juga adalah salah seorang anggota dari Beat Freaks pada “America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3”.

Berikut ini adalah kutipan wawancara dengan si penari cantik ini.

Q. “GENIE” SNSD adalah topik yang ramai dibicarakan di Jepang, bagaimana asal muasalnya kamu bisa menjadi penanggung jawab koreografi mereka?
A. Sejujurnya, aku sudah sering melakukan koreografi untuk SNSD dan SHINee ( Keduanya dari SM Entertainment ). Namun untuk yang kali ini, aku sangat senang karena aku sebagai penanggung jawab “GENIE”. Aku tidak mengajarkan kepada gadis-gadis SNSD lagu ini di Korea, aku merekam sebuah video di LA dan mengirimkannya kepada mereka, agar mereka bisa menonton dan mempelajarinya. Koreografer SM Entertainment, Jae Won juga ada disana dan ia dapat memperbaiki gerakan mereka dan membuat gerakan dance mereka dalam “GENIE” menjadi sempurna.

Q. Daya tarik dari gerakan dance kaki yang indah juga menjadi topik hangat di Jepang. Adakah sesuatu yang menimbulkan ide bagimu sehingga kau bisa menciptakan ide koreografi sedemikian?

A. Aku tidak begitu ingat jika ada hal yang spesifik seperti itu. Ketika aku mendengarkan lagu tersebut, lagu itu memberiku inspirasi, begitulah bagaimana aku bisa menciptakan gerakan seperti itu. Selain itu, aku ingin memberikan mereka sesuatu yang sederhana agar mereka bisa bernyanyi pada saat menarikannya.

Q. Jika aku mengingat dengan jelas, saat mereka akan melakukan showcase di Jepang, banyak fans yang berada di luar ikut menirukan gerakan dance mereka.

A. KPOP sangat sederhana, agar banyak orang bisa menirukannya, mereka meminta bahwa kami harus membuat koreografi yang unik dan catchy. Terutama bagian chorus, adalah bagian yang terpenting.

Q. SNSD saat ini terkenal di Jepang, tapi daya tarik unik apa dari mereka yang bisa kamu lihat?
A. SNSD adalah kelompok dengan teamwork yang mengagumkan. Kesembilan gadis ini seperti sebuah keluarga besar, dan mereka dapat saling bekerja sama dengan baik. Mereka juga dapat mengingat koreografi dengan cepat. Mereka sebuah kelompok, tapi mereka juga memiliki kegiatan individual yang cukup bervariasi, jadi ini pasti sulit bagi mereka. Aku tinggal di Korea untuk mengajari mereka koreografi lagu “Oh!” yang mereka rilis Januari kemarin, namun saat latihan, hanya satu atau dua kali kesempatan dimana ke sembilan gadis ini bisa hadir bersamaan. Kenyataannya, mereka dapat menarikannya bersama dengan baik. Aku merasa kagum kepada mereka.

Q. Artis-artis K-POP memiliki hasrat dan ambisi yang kuat untuk belajar bahasa Jepang, iya kan?
A. Waktu itu, aku bertanggung jawab atas koreografi Yunho dan Changmin, dan sewaktu kami berbicara, bahkan aku terkejut mendengar mereka berbicara bahasa Jepang (Haha). Terlebih lagi, BoA yang juga fasih berbahasa Inggris. Artis-artis yang lain juga sangat antusias untuk belajar.

Q. Beberapa saat yang lalu, kamu berbicara tentang koreografi SHINee, bersediakah kamu menceritakannya sedikit?

A. Waktu itu, pada saat SHINee debut, mereka mencari koreografer baru. Dan pada saat yang tepat, mereka menonton sebuah video dari kelasku di LA melalui Youtube, dan mereka sangat senang melihatnya, itulah bagaimana ceritanya aku menjadi penanggung jawab lagu debut SHINee, “Noona, You’re So Pretty (Replay)”. Dan itu juga sebenarnya lagu debut bagiku dimana aku menjadi seorang koreografer. Karena itu, aku memiliki banyak memori khusus mengenai SHINee.

Q. Jadi itu adalah debut lagu SHINee dan juga debut lagu-mu, tidakkah kau merasa tertekan?

A. Awalnya, aku mendengar sebuah lagu dan memikirkannya dengan caraku sendiri, kemudian aku mempertunjukkannya kepada mereka. Mereka memang bukan dancer, mereka adalah artis. Karena SHINee memiliki 5 anggota, aku belajar banyak bagaimana membuat koreografi sebagus mungkin agar membuat kelima anggota ini dikenal. Bahkan sampai sekarang aku masih harus belajar banyak sebagai koreografer.

Q. Daya tarik apa yang berbeda sewaktu kau bekerja sebagai Koreografer dan Dancer?

A. Menjadi dancer dalah impianku, aku pindah ke Amerika, karena disinilah satu-satunya tempat dimana aku benar-benar dapat melakukannya. Dulu, aku bahkan tidak terpikir untuk menjadi koreografer dunia KPOP. Sebelumnya, aku akan meniru koreografi Michael Jackson, agar orang-orang melihat koreografiku dan menirukan gerakan tarianku, aku ingat aku merasa sangat tersentuh. Jadi aku sangat bersyukur sekarang.

Q. Apa impianmu setelah ini?

A. Tentu saja aku ingin terus menjadi dancer dan terus menciptakan berbagai hal yang berbeda. Belakangan ini, karena aku harus menangani banyak artis, aku juga tertarik untuk melatih ( mereka ). Jika aku diberikan kesempatan, tentu saja aku akan mengambil tantangan tersebut.

Aku juga menjadi koreografer untuk dance BoA di lagu “Copy & Paste” di album repackage ke6nya, dan album repackage SHINee yang ke2, untuk lagu “Hello”. Untuk lagu “Hello”, aku bekerja sama dengan temanku, Maryss.

Nakasone ingin memperluas jangkauannya sebagai dancer dan koreografer. Mari kita tunggu karya koreografinya yang lain.

Daftar Koreografi yang ia buat :


* Noona, You’re So Pretty (Replay)
* You’re Like Oxygen
* Julliette
* Lucifer (with Jae Won)
Nakasone sudah bersama-sama dengan SHINee sejak SHINee debut. Bersama mereka bertransformasi menjadi dalam "Lucifer" dengan penampilan powerful dan berkarisma.

*GENIE (with Jae Won)


*Chu (dengan Hwang dari SM)
*Nu ABO (dengan Maryss Dari Paris dan Jae Won)


*No Other (dengan Maryss Dari Paris)


*Copy & Paste (with Maryss From Paris)


*Love, Frequency (dengan Maryss Dari Paris dan Koreografer Korea)

[Yunho & Changmin]

*Maximum (dengan Jae Won)

Translated by:

Donghae Super Junior

Foto pertama dari Super Junior Donghae dari tempat syuting untuk drama terbaru SBS drama It’s okay, Daddy’s Daughter telah terungkap.

Di It’s okay, Daddy’s Daughter, Donghae akan bermain sebagai adik laki-laki dari karakter utama, Choi Hyuk Gi (dimainkan oleh Choi Jin Hyuk) yang meninggalkan sekolah untuk mendapatkan uang untuk keluarganya.

Di foto yang terungkap tanggal 10 November ini, ini adalah sebuah potret dari Donghae yang sedang memainkan karakter sebagai Choi Wook Gi yang sedang bekerja di sebuah kontruksi. Di foto tersebut, Donghae terlihat sangat tampan walaupun dia memakai baju pekerja dan pelindung kepala.

Dan juga, orang-orang merasa Donghae bertekad berusaha untuk mengubah dirinya menjadi sebagai Choi Wook Gi dan meningkatkan harapan masyarakat dalam perannya.

Fans yang melihat foto ini berkomentar, “Donghae mempunyai gen yang luar biasa bagus bahkan dia masih terlihat bersinar di tempat seperti itu. Dia tidak bisa menyembunyikan ketampanannya walaupun dia memakai baju seperti itu. Setelah melihat foto ono, aku sangat menunggu drama ini.”

Donghae yang pertama kalinya mencoba berakting ini bilang, “Aku sangat bahagia bahwa aku berkesempatan untuk menujukkan sisi baruku sebagai seorang aktor. Aku akan belajar dan mencoba yang terbaik dimanapun aku berada. Tolong tunggu perubahanku sebagai Choi Wook Gi.”

It’s okay, Daddy’s Daughter akan tayang setelah Doctor Champ berakhir, dibintangi oleh Moon Chaewon, Choi Jin Hyuk, Jun Tae Soo, Choi Ja Hye, Donghae dan Kang Minhyuk. Episode pertama akan tayang tanggal 22 November pukul 8:50PM.

SNSD's facts

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SNSD's facts : 
1. Member yang paling banyak punya tindik adalah Hyoyeon (14 ditelingga dan 1 dimulut) setelah itu menyusul Taeyeon dan Tiffany.
2. Taeyeon kalo ngigau suka nge DJ. Para member SNSD pernah ngebohongin Tiffany tentang sup kambing Korea yang kalo arti katanya diterjemahin satu-satu berarti sup empat besi. Dan mereka semua berusaha menyakinkan Tiffany kalo besi itu bisa dimakan, membuat Tiffany bingung, Tiffany bener" mikir saat itu apa besi beneran bisa dimakan,
3. Juru masak SNSD salah satunya ialah Taeyeon. Terus Taeyeon juga ga gampang takut ama kisah-kisah hantu dan supranatural.
4. Taeyeon pernah melarikan diri saat masa Trainee SM karena stress
5. Kebiasaan aneh sang Leader Taeyeon adalah meraba-raba pantatnya Yuri, Tiffany, dan Kara’s Nicole
6. Jessica itu gag bisa masak sama sekali.
7. Sangking hobi tidur, Jessica kalau tidur bisa 12 jam. Jessica bisa tertidur sambil berdiri, dia juga bisa ketiduran saat syuting.Yuri juga pernah lagi curhat ke Jeesica dan di buat sampe bengong karena dia jadi ngomong sendiri gara" si Jessica tidur. Jessica juga sering menghilang saat teman"nya sedang syuting dan saat camera nge-shoot ternyata dia lagi tidur. OMG!
8. Sunny punya julukan sebagai ratu Aigyo tapi juga menerima julakan Best babysitter
9. Member SNSD yang paling sering melakukan kesalahan saat perform adalah Yuri, Tiffany dan Sunny, tapi kayaknya Tiffany yang keseringan apes krn tiap ngelakuin kesalahan camera sedang fokus ke dia.
10. Ga tau kenapa Sunny benci sama nama sebenarnya (Lee SoonKyu).
11. Tiffany member yang kontrovesial, karena keterusterangannya
12. Tiffany anti sama serangga tapi terkenal dengan eye-smilenya
13.Seohyun bisa liat kartun/anime sampe jam 2 pagi. Seohyun suka banget menempelkan stiker kodok keseluruh ruangan termasuk ke barang" milik member yang lain. Salah satu koki terbaik SNSD bersama Taeyeon.
14. Yuri pinter banget ama YOGA dan mempunyai bentuk tubuh paling indah di SNSD.
15. Sooyoung member snsd yg paling tinggi, dan bisa makan sampai 8 kali sehari tapi nggak gemuk-gemuk
16. Seohyun suka maen piano, sangat cinta sama Keroro dan sangat baik ketika ia menirukan suara keroro. Member SNSD yg paling sabar.
17. Kalau kamu ngetik “funny image” di sitenya Naver, 3 halaman pertama semuanya penuh dengan foto Jessica
18. Sebelum debut, SM pernah meminta dengan sangat kepada Yoona, “Tolong bersikaplah layaknya perempuan”. Salah satu kejahilan Yoona, dia pernah membangunkan Yuri tengah malam hanya untuk nunjukin kaki ayam, dan ntu bikin Yuri badmood.
19. Sunny pernah jadi pengungsi perang [Gulf War] di Kuwait, jadi sampai sekarang Sunny takut sama kembang api .
20. Skuter pink yang dipakai Tiffany untuk MV [Into The New World] sebenarnya miliknya Shindong, Super Junior. Shindong mengeluarkan biaya $1,000 untuk modifikasi skuter tersebut, tapi akhirnya menjualnya setelah disetujui oleh para member SuJu lainnya.
21. Menurut manajer SNSD, biaya makan SNSD melebihi biaya makan Super Junior
22. Yuri pernah tidak sengaja bertemu dengan seorang teman SD-nya di depan gedung SM dan bertanya padanya, ‘Apa yang kau lakukan di sini?’. Ternyata teman Yuri adalah fans Seohyun
23. Taeyeon bertumbuh sebanyak 13cm sejak kelas 6 SD
24. Kalau Yuri lagi marah, dia akan masuk ke kamarnya dan menuliskan kata-kata yang ingin diucapkannya, kemudian kembali keluar. Kalau ada yang mengucapkan sesuatu yang tidak disangkanya, Yuri akan bilang, ‘Tunggu sebentar’, kemudian balik lagi ke kamar, menulis lagi, lalu keluar kamar lagi begitu seterusnya
25. Tiffany pernah bergabung sebagai member di fancafe Taeyeon, tapi kemudian dikeluarkan karena tidak mengikuti peraturan fancafe tersebut
26. Waktu konser SM, SNSD pernah tampil membawakan lagunya Park Jiyoon [Adult Ceremony]. Ketika para member SuJu berkomentar bahwa Seohyun tampak seksi, ntah kenapa maknae langsung menangis. Akhirnya Yoona memarahi para member SuJu
27. Cerita mengenai pengalaman Taeyeon, Yoona, dan Sooyoung sebagai teman sekamar menjadi legenda bagi SME
28. Sunny dan 2 saudara perempuannya berulang tahun di hari yang sama
29. Manajer SNSD adalah fans berat KARA. Yoona dan Jessica pernah membuat kimbab dan sandwich “beracun” buat ngerjain Sooyoung dan Tiffany dengan mencampuri bahan makanan dengan berbagai bumbu secara berlebihan, lalu Sooyoung ngebalas dengan membuat sereal dengan campuran garam (hampir 1 bungkus) dan member yang kena adalah Yoona, Yuri dan Sunny
30. Selama tiga tahun berturut-turut, Tiffany dan Jessica melihat salju pertama bersama-sama. Setelah itu Tiffany sadar bahwa yang di sampingnya adalah Jessica. Tiffany kemudian mengeluh, “Ukh, kau lagi???” kemudian pergi untuk makan ayam
31. Yoona dan Hyoyeon pernah balapan sepeda di jalanan di Apgujung. Hyoyeon suka banget nyuci bajunya sendiri karena itu dia dapat julukan “Laundry Girl”. Hyoyeon juga paling jago masak diantara member SNSD, Seohyun dan Sooyoung sering minta dibuatin makanan. Selain itu Hyoyeon juga member yang paling rajin ngebersihin rumah dan living roomnya di dorm.
32. Tulisan mandarin Yoona waktu masih duduk di SMU terjual di web seharga $1.00
33. Saat para member mengetahui kalau mereka akan debut dengan nama [Girls' Generation], mereka sempat putus asa. Jessica dan Tiffany mengeluh pada Isak dan berkata, “Unni! Nama grup kami adalah SNSD!"
34. Sooyoung selalu merasa tidak enak karena selalu meminta tanda tangan para member yang diminta oleh para kenalannya. Jadi biasanya Sooyoung menggantikan semua member untuk memberi tanda tangan. Bagi Sooyoung, tanda tangan yang paling sulit untuk ditiru adalah tanda tangan Jessica
35. Saat sekamar bersama, Sooyoung Yoona dan Taeyeon pernah menangkap kecoa dan membakarnya
36. Yuri pernah berkata pada Jessica, “Kau ini es yang hangat.”
37. Waktu sekamar dengan Sooyoung dan Yoona, Taeyeon pernah mencoba memisahkan tempat tidur mereka agar mereka tidak saling berguling ke tempat tidur satu sama lain. Tapi akhirnya Taeyeon malah terjebak di antara tempat tidur-tempat tidur tersebut. LOL!
38. Yuri pernah mengikat tali sepatu para member lainnya menjadi satu dan kemudian melarikan diri. Waktu Jessica bilang, “Gadis cantik kelakuannya juga baik”, Tiffany langsung menanggapi, “Kalau begitu kau bukan gadis yang cantik.”
39. Taeyeon pernah lari dari SM waktu masih menjadi trainee
40. Sebenarnya Mamanya Tiffany memang berniat memberi nama itu untuknya waktu dia lahir (nama Tiffany sebenarnya Stephanie Hwang)
41. Waktu penampilan solo Taeyeon, pernah ada ngengat yang terbang masuk ke roknya.
42. Waktu acara pemberian tanda tangan, ada fans yang membawa poster bertuliskan “Kudengar Yuri adalah goddess. Apa itu benar?” Yuri menulis di bawahnya,” Ya, itu benar!” Saat pertama masuk SM, Hyoyeon menganggap Yuri adalah rivalnya krn Yuri menang kompetisi dance.
43. Ukuran sepatu Tiffany 235mm
44. Taeyeon pernah mengabari para fans mengenai pembatalan acara melalui UFO, padahal pengumuman resminya sendiri belum dipasang di situs resmi SNSD
45. Yuri pernah menelepon sebuah restoran dan menanyakan apa saja menunya. Saat karyawannya sudah selesai menyebutkan semua menu, Yuri memesan nasi omelet, yang sama sekali tidak disebutkan oleh karyawan tersebut
46. Waktu masih trainee, Jessica suka main sepak bola, kebayang Sica maen bola? Jessica takut ama ketimun. Terus Sunny paling suka main game. Sunny ga suka minum susu. Yel-yel “Right now it’s SNSD!” diusulkan oleh Taeyeon
47. Jessica punya kebiasaan minum segelas air mineral sebelum nyanyi live. Tiffany adalah member yang paling kuat minum alkohol.
48. Tadinya fanclub SNSD dinamakan “Honey” dan bukan “SONE” . Saat Taeyeon menderita insomnia, Yuri membelikannya susu untuk membantunya tidur
49. Tiffany ternyata temennya vanes wu (F4)
50. Member yang klo lagi marah terlihat nyeremin ntu Taeyeon dan Hyoyeon kalo lagi marah cenderung menjadi pendiam. Member yang paling pendek adalah Sunny.