Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Bang wins Inkigayo Mutizen + other performances

SBS’s Inkigayo is back once again, and this week’s show was full of amazing and fun performances from the top participating K-pop artists!
The ‘Take 7‘ nominees were K.Will (“My Heart is Beating“), Big Bang (“Love Song“), INFINITE(“Nothing’s Over“), Girl’s Day (“Twinkle Twinkle“), CNBLUE (“Intuition“), Yangpa (“It Hurts“), andOrange Caramel (“Bangkok City“). K.Will did not perform today.
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BREAKING: SNSD's Taeyeon grabbed by mysterious man during performance at Angel Price Music Festival

UPDATE #5: A representative from SM Entertainment has stepped forward to release a statement about the incident. They explain that, "during the [Angel Price Music Festival], there was an incident. Taeyeon handled it very bravely and security prevented the situation from becoming more severe. Audience and staff had initially thought the man on stage was a staff member. SNSD returned to their dorms after the concert and are currently resting. We are glad that this incident was settled and did not become something more serious."

UPDATE #4: Oh Jungtae, the MC for the event, had an exclusive interview with BNT News and shared his thoughts about this ordeal. He commented that as the MC, he went to help Taeyeon and signaled for security to help her as well. The man who grabbed Taeyeon would not let go so easily, however. Oh Jungtae found it very odd that he was able to pass security so easily, which is often extremely tight for events such as these, especially with high-profile artists such as SNSD.

UPDATE #3: We have updated the article with a fancam of Taeyeon being grabbed. Check it out below, it starts at about 3:37.

UPDATE #2: Fan accounts from the event state that the man came from backstage, not from the side or the crowd. This is garnering attention as it should be impossible for a person to enter the backstage, yet alone the stage itself. Fans are also saying that Jessica seemed very worried and showed concern, looking towards backstage, prior to the man appearing.

During this entire ordeal, one of the men responsible for helping Taeyeon was the host, comedian "Oh Jungtae". The MC also entertained the audience for a brief moment before SNSD continued on to perform their song "Hoot".

UPDATE: It has now been reported that the man who approached the stage and Taeyeon has been detained by security guards. It is not known whether or not charges will be pressed, as agencies have dropped charges against "fans" in the past for very serious issues. Koreaboo will keep you updated on this as we learn more.

At the Coupang Angel Price Music Festival, a man managed to make his way onto the stage during SNSD's performance. Fans at the event were extremely confused, questioning how it was possible for the man to make his way onto the stage. Security guards were rumored to have thought he could be a manager, although no one is certain how he bypassed the guards.

The man, whom no one is able to identify at present, jumped onto the stage during SNSD's performance of "Run Devil Run" and grabbed Taeyeon by the arm, attempting to pull her off-stage. Meanwhile, SNSD's Sunny tried to stop the man from pulling her, as she was the first to notice what was happening.

The matter was eventually resolved, and Taeyeon continued with the rest of SNSD in their performances of "Hoot" and "Gee." Netizens commented on Taeyeon's bravery and dedication, saying she was very professional and praised her determination in continuing with the performances. Although she was visibly shocked by the event, she continued on and finished their songs with SNSD. 

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B2ST’s Kikwang got kissed by fellow member Yoseob?

Did B2ST member Yoseob give a surprise kiss to fellow member Kikwang?!  Yes, we kid you not.
On the April 16th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100“, the “nation’s older sister” Ha Chun Hwa and comedian Kim Young Chul appeared as guests, bringing laughter to the show with their eloquence and variety show skills.
During the episode, Yoseob had to wear Ha Chun Hwa’s stage costume as a game punishment. While the singer and other guests were performing, he came over to Kikwang and gave him a surprise kiss.
After the kiss, Kikwang tried to put on a strong smile, but his face still showed some uncertainty.
Next, Yoseob gave Simon D a surprise kiss, and Simon D also looked shocked, drawing laughter from the others.
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Performances from MBC’s Korean Music Wave Concert in Bangkok

Korea’s top artists recently travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to perform at the ‘Thailand Hallyu Concert‘ in commemoration of MBC’s 50th anniversary, and on April 17th, MBC finally broadcast that concert.
With SNSD’Tiffany & Yuri, and 2PM’s Nichkhun as MCs, artists who performed at the concert include TVXQ, SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2PM, SG Wannabe, T-ara, B2ST, Son Dambi, After School, Brown Eyed Girls, F.T Island, 4minute, Norazo, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, SISTAR, miss A, 2AM, andSecret.
2AM’s Jo Kwon and BEG’s Ga-In also held a joint performance as the “Adam Couple” from their “We Got Married” days. Fans who were disappointed in the couple’s withdrawal from the show were pleasantly surprised as the two performed their popular couple song, “We Fell in Love“.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Bang - Love Song MV released

2NE1 - Can't Nobody (English Ver.) released

The Pretty Member vs. the Member Guys Like

SNSD - Taeyeon (left) ; Yoona (right)

This may or may not come as a surprise, but in Korea’s idol world, the member sent out in the front as the “prettiest” isn’t always the one Korean guys dig. Let’s see what the netizens say about this.
Although slightly unfair and against the age-old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” often times, the entertainment management or even the idol girls themselves designate one girl as “the prettiest of them all.” But, as a part of the formula of girl idol groups, each member is given their own style so that every guy (in the world?!) can have at least one member that suits their fancy.
In Korea, it’s quite normal for everyday people to have an “ideal type” of guy or girl they would like to date or marry. When they choose their ideal, they actually choose a famous actor, model, or singer that fits their type and then give reasons, be it looks or personality.
Attentive netizens started noticing that a lot of idol fans don’t tend to choose the designated “pretty member” but lean towards a different member.
The most obvious example of this idea can be found in the members of Girls Generation (SNSD). Not only does Yoona think she’s the prettiest, no one seems to disagree with her either. In terms of raw talent, Yoona, unfortunately, is on the lacking side, in relation to her fellow members. It is said that SM left Yoona in the group because of her prettiness. Yet, in the general (male Korean) opinion, lead vocal Taeyeon is more “ideal” than Yoona. Why? Some guys like her voice. Some guys like that she’s cute and innocent-looking. Other guys liked how sweet she was in “We Got Married,” even though her husband wasn’t exactly handsome.

 After School - Ju-yeon (left) ; UEE (right)

Another example is in the members of After School, the girl group created from a dance team, suggesting that talent is the definitive factor for joining the group. Except one famous ulzzang (best face) managed to get in the group without a hitch. Ju-yeon first entered the popularity sphere as an Internet ulzzang, but now she is one of the many members of After School. However, she seems to not get too much love from the guys. During UEE‘s heyday with “You’re Beautiful” and some Cheom-cheoreom Cool soju commercials, the “honey thighs” idol got all the love. These days, other members, such as Nana, seem to be getting more and more attention from the guys. Either way, the “pretty member” isn’t getting the votes.

KARA - Goo Hara (left) ; Han Seung-yeon (right)

Also, in KARA, the ulzzang “pretty member” is doe-eyed Goo Hara, but guys find themselves liking the carefree, not-full-of-herself cuteness of Han Seung-yeon. The list goes on… In Secret, the pretty face is Han Sun-hwa, but guys tend to dig glamorous Jun Hyo-sung. In 4Minute, leader Jihyun is thought to be the prettiest, but guys usually choose popular Hyuna.
Maybe the entertainment companies should re-think the forceful injection of the designated “pretty member.”
Do you agree with the netizens that just because a girl is designated as the “pretty member” doesn’t mean she’ll get the guys?

SECRET - Han Sun-hwa (left) ; Jung Hyo-sun (right)

 4Minute - Jihyun (left) ; Hyuna (right)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

SNSD's vocal trainer Jang Jinyeong to make solo comeback

Black Beat's Jang Jinyeong, who has been acting as SNSD and SHINee's vocal trainer, is releasing a solo track titled "Another Time". After debuting with Black Beat in 2002 through record label SM Entertainment, Jang Jinyeong has been actively promoted through both Black Beat and By Jinsung; at the same time, he worked as a vocal trainer for singers under SM. In this new song, Jang Jinyeong shows off his distinctive sound with his use of head-voice. His vocals are accompanied by Yoo Jeonghun on the piano. Yoo Jeonghun is also the pianist behind songs on the "Sungkyungwan Scandal" OST, famed for their soulful melodies. Furthermore, the music video director for "Another Time" is Yoo Jongmin, who also produced videos for DIA and Dr.9 amongst others.

Source: Koreaboo

Super Junior's Kyuhyun returns to work after car accident

Super Junior's maknae, Kyuhyun, was recently involved in an unfortunate car accident when a truck driver changed lanes, hitting Kyuhyun's vehicle. Luckily, the singer did not suffer any serious injuries, and the maknae was confirmed to have returned to work today. The singer showed up on the set today to begin shooting for the "Superstar K Season 3" music video. Kyuhyun was unable to attend his performance for the "Three Musketeers" musical yesterday, but the singer has managed to returned to work at the earliest possible time. On the set, fans noticed his slight cuts and bruises from his accident, but he still appears to be unfazed by the incident. In 2007, Kyuhyun was involved in a much more serious car accident that landed him in the hospital and recovery for several months, right before the "Don't Don" promotions. Fortunately, this car accident did not have a substantial adverse impact on his or Super Junior's future. Kyuhyun is currently in the midst of promotions for Super Junior-M and is expected to participate in the upcoming Super Junior album due out this year. We wish Kyuhyun the best and are happy to see he has had a speedy recovery.

Source: Koreaboo 

Super Junior Kyuhyun involved in a car accident

Super Junior Kyuhyun suffered bruises during a recent car accident. On April 8th at 5AM, Kyuhyun was on his way to the Gwangju Culture & Art Center Grand Theater for his musical "Three Musketeers."

A truck was in the process of changing lanes and hit Kyuhyun's vehicle, causing an accident. Kyuhyun was sent to a nearby hospital. He acquired bruises on both his arms and legs, but initial diagnosis says that he seemed to not have suffered from any bone fractures or broken bones. Kyuhyun is currently getting an examination.

Due to the traffic accident, Kyuhyun's may not make it for his April 8th show for his musical "Three Musketeers."

Source: Koreaboo

f(x) unveils Luna's teaser for "PINOCCHIO"

The last concept photo for f(x)'s comeback has been released! For the past few days, SM Entertainment has been releasing concept photos of Krystal and Amber which was then followed by Sulli and Victoria. 

On the 11th of April, the last member to be unveiled was no other than Luna. Sporting a different color scheme compared to the other members, Luna's photo gave it a more retro feel complete with aviator sunglasses. 

SM Entertainment has recently confirmed that the five-membered group will be returning with their first full length album "Pinocchio" which will be revealed on the 20th of April. 

What do you think of Luna's concept photo? Do you like f(x)'s new image as a whole?

Source: Koreaboo

f(x) releases Victoria teaser for "PINOCCHIO"

The fourth teaser for f(x)'s first full album "PINOCCHIO" has been released, featuring Victoria.

The photo shows group leader Victoria in a unique, trendy outfit and accentuates her long, thin legs. 

Popularity for Victoria has been very high recently, due to her activities on "Invincible Youth" and "We Got Married," so anticipation is high for the group's comeback. 

This release follows previous teasers featuring Sulli, Krystal and Amber. You can expect the Luna's teaser soon. f(x)'s full-length album "Pinocchio" is set for release on April 20th.

Source: Koreaboo

f(x) reveals Amber album photo teaser

f(x) have begun to teaser fans with comeback photos for their upcoming album "Pinocchio." This will be the group's first full-length album since their debut and the the first time since Amber will be joining her group since her ankle injury last year. Amber is the second teaser image to be released. She teases fans with her new blonde hair, which gives her a more boyish charm. The intense color of her blonde hair has already gotten f(x) fans very excited for the group's comeback. Along with her new blonde hair, Amber is wearing an all denim outfit and denim hat. The unique styling of the photo teasers released so far has raised high expectations for f(x)'s comeback. Krystal's teaser photo was the first one to be released for the album "Pinocchio." Victoria, Sulli, and Luna (in no particular order) are expected to release their own teaser photos in the next few days. f(x)'s full-length album "Pinocchio" is set for release on April 20th.

Source: Koreaboo

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girls' Generation - Run Devil Run (Japanese Teaser)

Back in January, SNSD unleashed the Japanese version of their hit song, “Run Devil Run“, to kick off their 2011 promotions in Japan. A preview for their upcoming music video was recently broadcasted through a Japanese variety show, and although the changes may seem quite small to some, the new scenes have stunned many. The actual preview lasts for about approximately 30 seconds. Be sure to check it out below:

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SNSD (Girls' Generation) - Mr. Taxi PREVIEW

Exclusive Interview with ZE:A on “Lovability”!

Last month, ZE:A not only returned with a brand new album and image with “Lovability,” but also gave exclusive opportunity to ask the nine young men nine questions about themselves.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

f(x)’s Sulli releases comeback teaser photo

Earlier this week, f(x) members Krystal and Amber unveiled their photo teasers for their upcoming album, and it’s now Sulli’s turn! The girls are gearing up to drop their first official album, “Pinocchio“, and have been garnering much attention through individual images that utilize bright, retro colors.  Fans were delighted by how Sulli’s bubbly personality shone through her teaser, and are anticipating her stage transformation. “Pinocchio” will be released on April 20th.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rania holds a successful debut showcase

On April 6th, rookie girl group Rania held their debut showcase at Hongdae V-Hall. Rania, nicknamed "the 2nd Baby V.O.X", is the latest girl group under DR. Music. They are under the wing of renowned American producer Teddy Riley, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls, and Rihanna. The group will also be preparing for a debut in the U.S. The members consist of leader Semi, T-ae, Di, Lucy (Jui), maknae Xia, Riko and Joy. The members are said to collectively speak 5 languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. Joy comes from Thailand and is fluent in four languages, while Riko is a Korean with excellent Japanese skills, having grown up in Japan. There are also rumors that an eight member from China will be added by the stage name of Leejo. During the showcase, the members introduced themselves and showcased their vocal talent by performing their promotional track "Dr. Feel Good" in Korean and a cover of the Destiny's Child hit song "Stand Up For Love". Before debut, the members participated in ads, dramas and movies. Now they are making heads turn with their R&B and hip-hop track "Dr. Feel Good", featuring a sexy concept which includes tight black leader clothing, smoky eye make-up and rather sensual choreography. Rania is definitely a group aiming to set themselves apart from the rest.

Fans happy that f(x)'s comeback means the return of Amber

At last, f(x) will be making their comeback. f(x) has begun to release teaser images for their upcoming first full-length album, starting with a photo teaser of the maknae Krystal. Their album is set for release on April 20th. Their first album is called "Pinocchio" and f(x) will begin their full activities once it is released. f(x) member Amber was not able to take part of f(x) activities last year due to an injured ankle with their mini-album "Nu ABO." Approximately 8 months later, Amber returned and completed the group again. During her absence, the members of f(x) continued with solo activities. Because of Amber's long absence, rumors circulated that Amber had been kicked out of the group. This had brought fans to be very concerned. SM Entertainment, however, denied the rumor and said that Amber was treating her injured ankle in LA. Despite the agency denying the rumors, fans were still restless. But now fans are in completely joy now that is has been confirmed several times that Amber has returned to Korea and f(x) will begin their activities as a group once again. Amber will be showing fans a refreshing side of herself along with the upcoming f(x) album.  "Pinocchio" will be f(x)'s first full-length album since their debut in September 2009. It is also a year since f(x)'s last release, with the last being "Nu ABO." An explosive reaction from fans is expected for their big comeback.

Big Bang extends contracts with YG Entertainment for another five years

On April 7th, it was revealed that the members of Big Bang have extended their contracts with their label, YG Entertainment, for another five years!
Representatives from YG revealed, “The Big Bang members, who have been with us for 10 years since their trainee days, are like family members to us. We are thankful that they have put their trust in the label they’ve debuted with once again, but most of all, we are glad that Big Bang will be able to stand before their fans for a longer time.”

They continued, “Discord usually arises between idol groups and their agencies at exactly the five year milestone, when contracts come to an end. This year is Big Bang’s fifth anniversary, and although there’s been rumors about the group, none regarding discord within the group or with the agency have been accurate. They hold strong trust in each other.”
Big Bang will be returning with their special edition album on April 8th.

f(x)’s Krystal unveils comeback teaser photo!

The wait is nearing its end – talented girl group f(x) will soon be making their highly-anticipated comeback!
f(x)’s first studio album is titled “Pinocchio,” and it’s scheduled to drop on April 20th. The release will be followed by full-fledged promotional activities, which will begin promptly after the album gets distributed.
The group’s official website was also updated with a teaser photo featuring member Krystal. From April 7th to the 11th, the official website will be updated every day with a rotating teaser photo of each member.

T-ara’s Eunjung's ex-boyfriend

During a recent recording for KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3“, T-ara’s Eunjung confessed that she had a college-aged boyfriend!
She revealed, “Right before our promotions for ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep‘, I used to have a boyfriend.” (For reference, “Bo Peep Bo Peep” was released on November of 2009).
MC Park Mi Sun asked, “Was your boyfriend a regular college student?”, to which Eunjung replied, “Yes.”
She went on to confess, “Whenever my boyfriend would get mad, I’d do a cute dance for him.” Wanting to see an on-the-spot re-enactment, Eunjung complied to the MCs’ wishes and played pretend withPark Myung Soo by dancing a ‘zzangu’ dance for him.
Check out the full broadcast on April 7th!

Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun hospitalized for a knee injury

While preparing for Dal Shabet’s “Pink Rocket” comeback, member Ga Eun re-injured her knee and was required to visit a hospital in Kangnam.
Ga Eun had previously injured her knee during her group’s “Supa Dupa Diva” promotions, and had to take a brief break for treatment. Although her condition improved, the pain returned once she began rehearsals again, which eventually led to her being hospitalized for further treatment.
Happy Face Entertainment stated, “The remaining time before their comeback will be spent in improving her condition. We’ll be working to make sure that this doesn’t affect their comeback next month. We’d like to apologize for making their fans worry.”
Dal Shabet will be releasing their MV teaser on April 11th.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

G-Dragon 'Love Song'

Big Bang have finally released the last teaser video for the group's title song "Love Song." This teaser features Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon. Similar to T.O.P.'s teaser, G-Dragon's teaser does not have the leader out in a full rap as most fans would expect.

G-Dragon keeps with the theme of "relaxed" for the song "Love Song" and shows off his more calm side in the teaser. He is the last Big Bang member to release his teaser, which first started out with T.O.P., Daesung, Seungri, and Taeyang. Two days left until the 4.5 Special Album release!

Big Bang will be going for a more "bare face" concept for this round of promotions, and fans will experience a more "relaxed" Big Bang. Big Bang's 4.5 Special Edition album is set to be released on April 8th. Have you pre-ordered your copy of the album yet?