Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boyfriend holds their first fanmeeting

Debuting with their self-titled track "Boyfriend" last month, rookie idol group Boyfriend was quickly welcomed into fans' hearts. On June 19, they held their first ever fanmeeting.

The event, which took place at 7 PM on June 19, was held at KT Olleh Square in Gwanghamun, Seoul. The fanmeeting was not just for the fans' benefit: Merchandise such as signed CDs, members' T-shirts, and the like were auctioned off to the audience members, and all proceeds are to be donated.

In addition, children from the Regional Children's Center were invited to the fanmeeting. Officials from KT Music hoped that the children as well as Boyfriend's fans found the event to be memorable.

Would you have wanted to bid on one of the items auctioned at the fanmeet?

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ZE:A to make comeback with "Summer Special Single"

A message for ZE:A fans was recently posted on the boy group's official Daum fancafe revealing their comeback. Scheduled for July 8th, ZE:A will be releasing a new album titled "Summer Special Single." The boy group will be promoting their title song "Watch Out."

Fans will be happy to learn that there will also be events for both registered and unregistered ZE:A's in Korea. ZE:A urges fans to "give us interest, love, and participate!"

Are you excited to see ZE:A return?

This is ZE:A [Children Of Empire]’s representative.

A very delightful announcement for many ZE:A's who have been cheering for me everyday and have been waiting for our comeback!!
Coming July 8th 2011!!
A very special, Special Summer Story with ZE:A [Children Of Empire] will begin.

This newly released album 'Summer Special Single' is specially made for ZE:A's and so, the original album will be only sold in Korea, and along with the album there will be events with official ZE:A's.
Also, there will be an event for only Korea ZE:A's who have registered their official cards and another event where all of the Korean ZE:A's can participate. In order for ZE:A's to participate, the events will be planned in different places where they are actively working on their album. (Further details will be announced soon)

The new title song WATCH OUT, which is made with dance moves and lyrics only for ZE:A’s, everyone’s help and love is needed in order to make it shine. Before the release of the album, streaming, online events and other activities with ZE:A [Children Of Empire] and ZE:A’s would be soon revealed. We hope all of ZE:A’s would give us interest, love, and participate.

ZE:A [Children Of Empire] have been working hard to practicing hard with singing and dancing to show a different side and a completely different concept since the activities of First Official Album .

Album Title : ZE:A [Children of Empire] Summer Special Single
Album Name/Title Song : album name not decided, Title Song WATCH OUT
Album version: Further announcement will be made after final decisions are made

Online Release Time : July 8th 2011 AM 12:00
Release Site: all music sites

Offline Release : July 8th 2011 Released all around Korea
Offline Version: Further announcement will be made after final decisions are made

[Album Pre-Order]
1. Pre-order will start in Starland (Mid June~Late June)
2. Online Album pre-order from 5 main sites (One week before album release)
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T-ara's Japanese showcase attracts 70,000 applicants

Proving how popular they are in Japan, T-ara's management agency confirmed that they managed to attract 70,000 fans to their opening showcase event on the 18th of June.

According to Smile Company, the agency handling the group's Japanese activities, "1,500 fans are being invited to the event, but there has been over 70,000 who have applied. It's a 46 to one chance on being accepted, but since it's a lottery, every fan has a chance."

The girl group is set to make a comeback on the 1st of July, following the release of their new track "
Roly Poly". After which they will meet their fans in Shibuya AX Hall on the 5th of July for the exclusive showcase which will also feature other hits such as "Why Are You Like This", "I Go Crazy Because of You", "Yayaya" and "Bo Peep Bo Peep".

Currently, T-ara is reported to be shooting their new music video. At the same time, they are also preparing for both overseas and domestic activities. 

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2PM sweeps real time music charts with “Hands Up”

Earlier today, 2PM finally released their long-awaited second album, “Hands Up“. The boys had already been sweeping search portals before its release, and they’re now sweeping the live music charts!

2PM were known for their brooding, sorrowful songs about heartbreaks and lost love, but they’ve decided to put that image aside this time with something more edgy and stylish to better fit the party atmosphere of summer. Fans have nicknamed it the ‘upgraded version’ of their debut track, “10 Points out of 10“.

“Hands Up” is noted for being the first ever ‘club style’ track from the boys, and it features a strong electronic sound with an addictive beat.  From start to finish, the song showcases 2PM’s charms to their fullest potential, and Sohee’s narration makes for a fun additional effect.

Aside from the title traack, the album features a slew of other refreshing tracks like Junho and Junsu’s self-composed songs, “Give It to Me” and “Hot“.

2PM will be making their comeback on June 24th through KBS’s “Music Bank.”  Are you ready to play with 2PM under the sun?  Everyone put your hands up!  And get your drinks up!
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2NE1 unleashes song teaser for “The Coolest”!

2NE1 fans, rejoice — YG Entertainment has finally given the public its first look and listen to the quartet’s new single, “The Coolest”! The company just released a concept image and short song snippet via its official website, YGLIFE.

The sassy concept image (above) features all four members in cartoon form with heavy make-up and brightly colored guns.

Today’s song preview is the first of a daily series; YGE has revealed that they will release a 10s song snippet each day until the full track release on June 24.

The teaser features the opening seconds of the hot dance track, unveiling a heavy bass beat plus the first line of CL’s swaglicious rap, “I’m the coolest.” Check it out here!

It goes without saying that this will measure up to be one of this summer’s hottest tracks.

Who can’t wait for June 24?!

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[Update] Korean media claims motorcyclist may have been alive before Daesung’s collision

On June 19th, MBC’s “News Desk” reported that motorcyclist Hyun could have been alive at the time of Daesung’s accident.

According to the report, autopsy results revealed that Hyun fell while driving his motorcycle under the influence of alcohol. There were no signs of being hit prior to Daesung’s accident.

This new piece of information is bringing up speculation that Hyun was alive prior to the collision with Daesung’s car. However, there is still a possibility that Hyun died from losing blood for a long period of time after falling from his motorcyle. Therefore, there is no clear evidence at the moment that would determine whether or not Hyun died due to Daesung’s accident at this time.

Stay tuned to allkpop as we continue to report on this matter.

The National Forensic Service is reporting that they had neither contacted nor spoke with MBC regarding the Daesung incident, and that whatever news that had come out of MBC’s “News Desk” is likely to be pure speculation.

We have not released any statements regarding Daesung’s accident,” said a spokesman for the NFS. “The investigation is still proceeding, so there is nothing we can say right now.

The NFS also stated that after an internal review, no one was found to have spoken with MBC regarding the incident. “We don’t know who said such a thing, but there’s a high possibility that the broadcast was different from the truth.

The autopsy results are scheduled to be handed over to police on the 21st.

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2PM releases Audio and Teaser for "Hands Up"

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nichkhun & Victoria's Caribbean Bay CF Released!w

While a photo had previously been leaked of Victoria and Nichkhun shooting their Caribbean Bay CF, the video has finally arrived!
The CF features Victoria from f(x), revealing her slim physique, and Nichkhun from 2PM, showing off his muscular body. The two of them jump off of a cliff and into one of Caribbean Bay's newest water rides, called Aqua Loop!The ride certainly looks like a fun way to stay cool during the summer!

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Big Bang Poses for Dazed & Confused Korea Magazine

Last month, Big Bang posed for the magazine, Dazed & Confused Korea, collaborating with photogrpher, Kim Jung Man.
Kim Jung Man's intention for the pictorial with Big Bang was to unveil images of the members that are different from their usual appearance. The photo shooting took over 12 hours to achieve the goal of the photographer. Although it took so much time, Big Bang was reported to had been very concentrated and enthusiastic during the shooting.
Big Bang's pictorial photos, including the personal photos of the members, will be sold limitedly in 5 volumes. Only 100 copies are available.

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2AM's Jinwoon Prepares for Solo Debut July 31st

After announcing his solo debut earlier this year, 2AM's Jinwoon is officially ready to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a rock star, as he prepares to make his first performance at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival.
While known as a ballad singer, Jinwoon has always had a passion for rock music and is capable of playing multiple instruments.
Now Jinwoon will finally be able to show his talent onstage, at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival July 31st, where he will perform his debut title track, before his album's release date.
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f(x) releases music video + concept photos for “Hot Summer”!

f(x) had just thrilled fans with the release of their teaser video a few days ago, but now the full music video has been released!
f(x) revealed the full music video for their follow-up track “Hot Summer” through both their official homepage and SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel on June 17th.
“Hot Summer” is a dance pop track with an intense synthesized sound and beat, telling the story of girls who find romance in the days of summer. Fans have meanwhile pointed out that the song is likely to be a Korean remake of the original song of the same name by German pop girl group, Monrose.
Check it out below!

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F.T. Island Covers Bom's 'You and I'

F.T. Island visited Heechul's Young Street radio show and treated fans with a sweet cover.
The boys of F.T. Island seem to be members of the long list of Blackjacks since they made a special cover of the track 'You and I' form 2NE1's Bom.
The cover is just amazing and gives the song a new feeling that you will surely love. Would not be great to have F.T. Island and Bom perform this song together? We can dream but at least we can listen to this cover and imagine how it would be like.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

2PM to have a new variety show

As reported earlier, 2PM will be making a comeback on June 21st with their 2nd studio album. Now, it has been reported that 2PM will also be making a comeback on TV!

It has been two years since their last permanent spot on a variety show, and now 2PM will be making a comeback to the scene. The new variety show will be different than "Idol Show" and "Wild Bunny," in the sense that it will be a show specially produced for 2PM. For the show, fans will have chances to vote and comment on polls relating to 2PM members. Examples of questions asked include "who will get married first?", "who will be the best father?", "who is most willing to face a challenge?", and "who is the least patient?".

2PM members will be discussing the results of the polls on the show. Fans can participate in the polls at the following pages:
1, 2, 3, and 4. The show is expected to be aired on SBS E! TV in July.

Source: Koreaboo

2PM to release 2nd studio album in 2 weeks

Beastly group 2PM recently attended Coca Cola's 125th Anniversary exhibit opening that was held in Seoul. Interviews were conducted during the opening and the news of their Korean comeback has spread.

2PM has been active in Japan; they have been studying Japanese and promoting their most recent single, "Take Off." Their debut single did well on the Oricon Chart, placing a high 4th on Daily charts.

At the end of May,
JYP revealed a short preview of 2PM's new song, teasing fans mercilessly.

The group will release their 2nd studio album, which is currently untitled, and will have the first teaser images revealed on June 13th. The actual album is set to be released on June 21st.

Are you looking forward to 2PM's comeback?

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B2uties trend B2STWETRUSTYOU on Twitter in support of Yoseob

On June 11th, fans of BEAST began trending "B2STWETRUSTYOU," which made its way to the top 10 trends worldwide. The reasoning behind the trend is based on rumours that BEAST’s Yoseob is currently dating, which has been spreading over the internet like a wildfire. Yoseob responded to the rumours via his Twitter, stating, "Everyone seems to be curious, so I will talk about it. In Immortal Song, I said I have a girlfriend, but it was a joke. And don’t believe any rumours about other celebrities. Like I said before, can’t you just believe us? Why believe those rumours and hurt me like that? Why do you have to believe those things and make me disappointed?"

He goes on to say, "Although a lot of people think that there is no need to pay attention to this kind of misunderstanding, I believe that any misunderstanding between BEAST and B2uties should be cleared up, and that is why I am writing this. First of all, all the rumours about me having a girlfriend are absolutely not true. I don’t know where the rumours began, so I don’t know how I should clear things up. I’m really truly sad and disappointed because I’m spending time explaining something that does not exist."

Finally, Yoseob ended his explanation by tweeting, "I’ll stop writing now, because I really don’t know what else to say. I keep writing and deleting, writing and deleting..."

Dongwoon also seemed to be affected by rumours circulating and tweeted, "Due to my lack of care for others I have hurt many people. Even though short messages can’t usually resolve any misunderstandings, please understand that I never lied to any of our fans."

Source: Koreaboo

JQT plans to debut in the US + tour with Akon

Girl group JQT has just announced some exciting plans. Earlier this month, on the 2nd, the girls of JQT met with Capital Records and producer Melvin Brown. During the meeting, they discussed the plans for the girls to break into the US market, and also plans for touring later this year with hip-hop artist Akon.

Plans started to develop after officials from Capital Records heard the song "Peekaboo" of off JQT's third album. JQT's entertainment company even revealed that Capital Records made a exceptionally large offer to sign the girls of JQT.

Through Capital Records and producer Melvin Brown, the girls will be holding recording sessions for their new album in both the United States and Korea. The plan is currently for them to release their first single in the US and worldwide this coming December. Their first album will be released in January 2012.

Are you excited that the girls will be debuting in the United States early in 2012?

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2011 Super Idol Big Concert cancelled

This year's Super Idol Big Concert was set to be held on June 11th. The location was the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Idol stars like G.NA, IU, Jay Park, and BEAST were set to perform for fans. However, officials revealed this morning that the concert had been cancelled.

They stated, "The 2011 Super Idol Big Concert was to be held on June 11th at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium. However, it has been cancelled."

The official continued, "The reason for the cancellation is because of the promotional and marketing strategies. There was also an insufficient number of tickets sold for the concert." The sponsor intends to give the ticket holders a full refund, however, legal actions are still expected due to the primary company's loss of image and material damage.

The proceeds from the concert were going to be donated to support juvenile diabetes and multicultural families. The casting of idols like G.NA, Jay Park, IU, and BEAST were sure to bring in a large amount of proceeds, however, the concert has been cancelled.

Are you sad that the concert was cancelled?

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G.NA preparing for her new set of comeback promotions?

Is G.NA preparing for a comeback in the Korean music scene? On the 10th of June, Cube Entertainment's solo singer G.NA excited her fans with an update that she may be coming back for a new set of promotions.

On a reply to Thailand's singer Waii today, G.NA unveils that, " Waii♥ yes..! Hopefully u'll see me soon lol should be havin my comeback sometime soon tho.." However, before branching out to her new set of promotions, G.NA is set to join fellow labelmates BEAST and 4Minute for
Cube Entertainment's Family Concert. She recently participated in the teaser that was recently released.

What are your thoughts on G.NA's little hint? Are you excited for her possible return?

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First teaser for the United Cube Family Concert revealed

As we reported earlier, Cube Entertainment will be holding their first family concert on August 14th at the Seoul Jamsil Outdoor Stadium in Korea. The concert is titled "United Cube Concert: Fantasy Land" and will feature Cube Entertainment's artists.

4minute, BEAST, and G.NA will share the stage and sing all of their biggest hits in one night, complete with special stages and other festivities. Tickets will go on sale on June 14th at 8PM KST through Interpark.

Shortly after the news of the family concert was released, Cube Entertainment followed up with a teaser video for the "Fantasy Land" concert. In the teaser, the members of 4minute and BEAST along with G.NA are seen texting each other, showing off their family-like relationship. 

Check out the teaser video, below!

Aug.14.2011 at Seoul Jamsil Stadium  

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yoona's Horizontal Pole Dance

Girls' Generation's Yoona caught netizens attention with her sexy horizontal pole dance at the Japan Tour Concert. Yoona got rid of her usual innocent image by wearing a short hot pants with a provocative facial expression.

Fans commented on Yoona's extreme transformation by saying, "She's so sexy", "I didn't know there was this side of Yoona " and "I want to go to the concert".

Source : GoKpop

Minho and Suzy snap a few adorable photos together

It’s been a while since netizens first buzzed over how good SHINee’s Minho and miss A’s Suzy looked together, but they’ve just been given another reason to revive the topic.
The two “Music Core” MCs recently took a few photos together outside of the MBC Dream Center, where they host the network’s popular music program.
The pair sported a variety of poses in their shots, so check ‘em out below!

Source : AllKpop

Cube Entertainment releases ‘Fantasy Land episode 1′ for upcoming family concert

The announcement was then followed up with the very first ‘Fantasy Land‘ teaser video for the upcoming “United Cube Concert“.
In the video, B2ST’s Yoseob is seen texting the rest of the Cube family about the huge event. Every Cube star (including members of B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA) respond with enthusiasm, but they’re all puzzled as to why they didn’t hear back from Dongwoon
It incites a flurry of messages, as everyone bugs Dongwoon to respond. He suddenly appears behind Yoseob, and laughs as he quips that he already knew about the concert. In the end, poor Yoseob looks dejected as he sulkily steps up for his turn on the shoot.

Source : AllKpop

JQT's US Debut plus Tour with Akon

JQT is ready to enter the US market with a tour with Akon. EMI Music disscussed with Melvin Brown about the best way to promote JQT and concluded it would be a good idea if they participated with Akon during his tour.
Capital Records decided to sign with the band after listening to their single 'Peekaboo'. They have previously released records of The Beatles, Snoop Dog, and the Beach Boys. Melvin Brown on the other side has worked with Lady Gaga. Also producers Ray & Renn will be in charge of their first release and the list of celebrities they have worked with include Akon, T-Pain, Lady Gaga, Mario Wynans, and Aaron Carter
JQT will probably present their first American single by the beginning of the next year, and on the meantime they are recording it on Korea and US.

Source : GoKpop

SNSD's 'Mr Taxi' English Version by Allison Veltz

 Allison Veltz

Allison Veltz original version of 'Mr Taxi' has been circulating on-line calling the attention of SONEs.
Before a commotion starts about who is the one copied who, it is important to mention that the track was originally written by Allison Veltz, Paolo Prudencio, Charles M. Royc, Scott Pearson Mann and STY. So it is not a plagiarize case or anything similar.
This version of 'Mr. Taxi' is performed in English by Allison and might be a demo version of the track. It sounds quite good in English giving different feeling of the one presented by SNSD. Listen to it and remember that the original writer is the one singing it so try to understand the feelings she wanted to share with this track.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

'You've Fallen for Me' Staff Desperate Because of Kang Min Hyuk

The production team of MBC's new drama 'You've Fallen for Me' doesn't know what to do about C.N. Blue's Kang Min Hyuk. It can't be helped. No matter how hard the staff tries to make him look unkempt, Kang Min Hyuk still looks stylish, in any outfit.

For MBC's 'You've Fallen for Me', starring C.N. Blue's Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, C.N. Blue's drummer, Kang Min Hyuk, has taken over the role of Yeo Joon.
Although he's become the leader of the handsome band of The Stupid, Yeo Joon is a glutton who likes to wear sportswear not caring about his outer appearance.
In order to portray this character credibly, the staff members of 'You've Fallen for Me' have done their best to make Kang Min Hyuk look disheveled. However, no matter what outfit he put on, it suit him perfectly, and he looked as stylish as ever.
"At first we thought that we could dress him with just a neck wear sportswear or T-shirt, but the production team discovered that no matter what clothes Kang Min Hyuk wore, they all suit him well, and we don't know what to do. We had to prepare to maximize the costumes of Kang Min Hyuk's character in order to be ready to go into filming", one of the staff members stated.

Meanwhile, MBC will start airing 'You've Fallen for Me' on 29th June.

Source : GoKpop

Guess Who Joined Twitter?

Guess Who Joined Twitter?
He is no other than B2ST dance machine Jang Hyun Seung!
After waiting in a long time, B2st very own, Hyung Seung at last made his twitter account and if you are a b2uty it's a MUST to follow. @Doublev89 was his official account!
In addition, Hyun Seung's name is a very hot trending topic among netizens today in twitter! Look at image for the evidence!

 Source : GoKpop

SHINee's Key and Infinite's Woohyun a Couple?

Have you been following this pairing lately? On the recent broadcast of Sukira Radio, Super Junior's Leeteuk and SHINee's Key talked about Key's relationship with Infinite's Woohyun.
On the middle of their conversation, Super Junior's Leeteuk decided to insert the topic of some Infinite members. On how he gave the numbers to SHINee's Key and asked on how's it going with them.
The full translated conversation goes like this:

Leeteuk: Do you remember me giving Woohyun & Sunggyu's numbers of Infinite to you? On Monday, I saw you texting Woohyun.
Key: Ah I see. For Sunggyu, it was his birthday recently and I just text him once in a while.
Leeteuk: Oh really?
Key: Yes, but with Woohyun, I feel like I found another me when I contacted him. This is a really good fate!
Leeteuk: I thought he was texting his girlfriend. He was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and kept texting instead, so I told him "Woohyun, can you text your girlfriend after you're done brushing your teeth?" Then he said to me, "Hyung, it's Key~"
Key: It's always like that. His members and our members always ask us what we are, but it's so fun talking with him.
Leeteuk: We hope that you officially announce the relationship between you two on Sukira.

Watch their full conversation here:

Source : GoKpop

Details for Dream High's OST Japanese Version Revealed

Dream High's popularity in Japan has been pretty good after the drama has aired there. Now the drama OST will be released in Japan as well. The album will contain the same songs presented on the Korean one, plus the Japanese versions of them. 'Dream High Original Soundtrack Japanese Premium Edition' is set to be released on July 27th on a limited and normal edition that will include a recording video or random trading card. The songs that will be introduced in Japanase will be 'Dream High', 'My Valentine', 'If' and 'Dreaming', sadly the tracks performed by IU, Sunye, Suzy, Junsu and 2AM do not have a new version.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

After School To Debut In Japan With "Bang!"

9 member girl group After School have announced their long-awaited Japanese debut with a remake of their successful Korean single "Bang!", due for release on the 17th of August!

The girls have already been introduced to a Japanese fan base through a performance at Tokyo Girls Collection and collaborating with Namie Amuro for a single from her special album "Checkmate!" titled "Make It Happen".

"It's an absolute honour to be able to make our first overseas debut in Japan!" said group leader Kahi. "We'll do our best to show people in Japan our image of being an entrancing performance group".

Not only that, but they will perform at a special event in July at Tokyo's Akasaka BLITZ: "AfterSchool Japan Premium Party- Bang! Bang! Bang!". With their intense dance routines and visible energy, Kahi, Jung Ah, Jooyeon, Uee, Bekah, Nana, Raina, Lizzy and E-Young will hope to show their uniqueness amongst a growing wave of acts from Korea who are trying to "make it happen" in Japan.

Having debuted in Korea back in 2009, After School won a newcomers prize at the 19th Seoul Music Awards; they captivated audiences at Tokyo Girls Collection in March with their signature marching band style performance.

Are you excited for After School's debut?

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Super Junior Preparing for Comeback with 5th Album

Super Junior recently revealed that they had already started recording their 5th album to return to the Korean music scene. ELFs, are you ready for their comeback?

On the broadcast of Super Junior's radio show 'Kiss the Radio' on 1st June, Super Junior member, Yesung, revealed that the band had already begun recording their 5th album.
Leeteuk, who was in the studio as well, confirmed Yesung's statement and tweeted later on, "We will prepare hard for the 5th album. It will once again give everyone a surprise!"
However, Leeteuk wasn't the only member to share the news about Super Junior's new album via Twitter. Also Heechul tweeted, "'BONAMANA' has been at #1 in Taiwan for over a year. At the end, only our 5th album's new song will be able to beat 'BONAMANA'. Even though we are going crazy over the preparation of the 5th album, you guys will go crazy because of the album's release, because we are a killer group."

Super Junior has been absent from the Korean music scene since the release of their 4th full-length album "BONAMANA" in May 2010.


Daesung To Pay Accident Victim's Funeral Costs

Days after his car accident that resulted with the death of a motorcyclist, Big Bang's Daesung finally emerged from his isolation, in order to pay respect to the victim's family. 
On the night of June 2nd, Daesung as well as YG Entertainment officials came before the family of the accident victim, and was reported to have been in agony as he apologized in person.
The family had previously been angered by not receiving any sort of apology, and demanded Daesung himself apologize when the YG officials tried to do it for him. 
The family commented saying "It’s true that we were somewhat disappointed in Daesung. A person just died. And he (Daesung) was involved in the accident. We thought, more than anything, a sincere apology would be the first thing to do.". “But his agency just kept making excuses, telling the press that ‘Daesung was driving at 60km/hr,’ ‘I probably wouldn't have been able to avoid the victim either.’ Our child is dead and gone, and it was just really frustrating and dismaying to see that.”
The reason for the long delay was revealed by YG Entertainment to be because of Daesung's state of mind after the accident, which included locking himself in his room and being unable to eat properly. 
But one family member, was taken back by Daesung's sincere apology, stating "At first, I was mad about it, but after seeing Daesung in person, I felt bad for the young man. He looked really painful. He got involved in such a horrible accident at a young age, and I’m sure it came as huge shock to him.”
To add to his apology, Daesung also decided to pay for the funeral costs, as police continue to investigate just what exactly happened that fateful night.

Source: GoKpop

Yang Hyun Suk Reveals More About Daesung’s Accident

Yang Hyun Suk left a message on the YG-Life official site talking about the recent car accident that involved Daesung, as well as the reasons why they are going to postpone 2NE1's release and the next YG on air episode.
The president of YG commented that due to the recent circumstances the current schedules of their artists are going to be postponed for a week.
He mentioned that 2NE1's next release and the following episode of YG on Air are going to be postponed for a week like it was announced a while ago. The decision was taken under the current circumstances and all of them apologized and asked fans to understand the situation. 
He also talked about Daesung and his thoughts related to the accident. First of all they expressed their condolences to the family of the man who passed away on the accident and prayed so he could rest in peace. 
Yang Hyun Suk commented that because of his nature he expected that Daesung would be blaming himself for the accident, and that is currently happening. He has refused to speak with everyone, even his family members, and is just staying alone on his room, mentioning that the situation is pretty hard for him.
He continued by saying that he tried to console Daesung that it was an accident and it was pretty hard to avoid the situation for anyone. He also said that the managers visited the scene as soon as they were informed and arrived there after 20 minutes. 
According to them the the accident occurred around 1:30am and that night was a bit drizzly. As it was previously stated the victim was already lying on the road due to a previous hit-and-run, a car driving in front of Daesung saw the victim and avoided him on time, but Daesung was not able to see him and also ended up crashing with the taxi driver who stopped to help the victim. 
Daesung found out later about the motorcycle victim. The taxi driver told the police that it looked like Daesung's speed was around 60km, but Daesung said it was actually 80km. The police is currently investigating the CCTV to have a better understanding of the situation and the order of events as well as the details since it looks like the calculated speed stated by the taxi driver are closer to the true, due to the circumstances of the weather and the road as well. 
Yang Hyun Suk also mentioned that Daesung's pain and the one of the victim's family is uncomparable, but still he is worried since he does not how affected Daesung might be due to the events. He does not how long the trauma will last if it will be weeks, months or even years, specially because Dasung suffered a major car accident back in 2009, where he almost died, and he is not over it yet. 
For the time being Daesung will not be alright, but maybe in the future he will be able to feel better.
He finished by hoping that the investigation can reveal the real facts soon, so Daesung will feel a bit relieved in this situation. 
Finally he thanked the people who are worried about Daesung and once again gave his condolence to the family of the victim.

Source: GoKpop

Autopsy of Motorcyclist Involved in Daesung's Accident Begins

On June 1st at 9 a.m. (KST), the autopsy of the deceased motorcyclist, Hyun (30), involved in Daesung's car accident has begun. It will take about two weeks until the results of the autopsy will be released.
The recently started autopsy of Hyun will focus on if he deceased on or before Daesung's car crash. The Seoul Youngdeaungpo police are also trying to discover "whether there was another accident before Daesung's or not".

Their investigations will also include analyses of the deceased's blood as well as continue to find out where the motorcyclist came from.
Meanwhile, Daesung probably won't be called for a 2nd questioning as he was cooperativ and provided all the information needed during the 1st questioning, which was for 5 hours right after his car accident. If a 2nd questioning is necessary though, "it will be done in private."

Source: GoKpop

Taxi Driver Tells his Side of Daesung's Tragic Story

The taxi driver, who was involved in the same car accident as Big Bang's Daesung, has spoken up to Dispatch to clear up the various rumours that have arisen since the day of the accident.
Since 31st May, the day of Daesung's car accident, various rumours have arisen, and the situation has got quite confused. Everyone is shocked and waits for this issue to clear up soon. However, an end to it isn't in sight yet.
With the words, "I have to correct everything that's being wrongly reported", Kim, the taxi driver involved in the accident, has sit down for an interview with Dispatch.
Q. At this time, the motorcyclist has deceased and the attention is now being focused on whether his death was caused by Daesung's collision or not.
A. Daesung is also a victim in this case. It seems that the motorcyclist already received much injury from a previous accident. He was discovered 30m away from his motorcycle and you could tell how bad his condition was with the naked eye. There was a lot of blood where he was lying and his head was also bleeding profusely. Maybe it's because of the shock from the impact, but his helmet was also nowhere to be seen. The police later discovered it, and it, too, was badly damaged.
Q. You checked for the condition of the motorcyclist but Daesung was unable to. Eventually, he passed Hyun, the motorcyclist, and collided with the taxi.
A. There is a reason why Daesung could not have avoided Hyun. There was another car in front of Daesung. To put it simply, I put up my emergency lights after discovering the motorcyclist and stopping on the road. Just before I was about to call the police, another car discovered Hyun and swerved to the next lane. The car following him was Daesung's. Although the first car was able to swerve and avoid an accident, I don't think Daesung could see what was going on. Usually, when the first car swerves, the car behind can't catch what he's swerving away from. Daesung was in that exact situation.

Q. Daesung testified that he did not see the motorcyclist.
A. Daesung did not know of the motorcyclist at all. He only knew once I told him that there was a person on the road. The car in front of him had swerved away so he didn't have time to check at the scene.
Q. Daesung is currently being questioned for speeding and negligent driving.
A. I think he was within the 60 km/h-limit because the car in front of him was not speeding. This was what I observed with the room mirror in the taxi. They say that he was speeding at 80 km/h during the investigations, but I feel that's the speed he was at when he collided with the taxi.
Q. No skid marks were discovered at the scene. Does that mean his car only stopped after it collided with the taxi?
A. In my personal opinion, he accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. There should have been skid marks, but there are none. Even after the collision, the taxi was pushed out 30m from where it was originally standing. If it was pushed to that extent, it means he did not brake. Even during the collision, I don't think he braked, and it was most probably because he was nervous and shocked that he accidentally pressed the accelerator.
Q. Then if he wasn't able to see the motorcyclist at the time of the accident, did he check afterwards?
A. Daesung did not have a chance to. Within two minutes of the accident, police arrived and he was taken for investigations. He did not know that there was a person at the time of the accident so I don't think he knew to check. He only knew that there was a collision with the taxi. Immediately afterwards, a representative of his agency arrived, and he, too, did not see the motorcyclist.
Q. Did he look shocked?
A. There was so much going on. There was an accident and a victim was revealed. Within 10 minutes, journalists swarmed in. Since he's a young celebrity, I think he was shocked. Even while being investigated by the police, his hands were shaking.
Q. The taxi was severely destroyed. Just looking at the taxi, you must have also been severely injured. How are you right now?
A. In comparison to the taxi being destroyed, I was not that injured. I think it was because I sensed an accident and prepared for it. The hospital said that I didn't break anything, but I am receiving physical therapy for my shoulders, back, and neck.

Q. If Daesung is found to be unrelated to the death of the motorcyclist, that leaves only the issue of his collision with the taxi. The compromise will be important.
A. Daesung's side has not begun a compromise yet. I have not received contact from them and we did not exchange business cards at the time. I do not want to reach a compromise at this moment, as I feel that the accident being reported truthfully is more important.
Q. As the sole witness, how do you feel?
A. It's very disappointing. It was poor driving for him to not be able to see the motorcyclist and drive over him, but the situation is becoming severe in that there's also the issue of a preceding accident and it's unclear as to who caused it. This is why I mustered the courage to say something.

Source: GoKpop