Friday, December 31, 2010

SNSD is fly… like a G550?

As we previously reported, SM Entertainment chartered a private plane through Excel Airways in order to meet their year-end music schedules in Korea and Japan.
Through the use of this private jet, the girls were able to attend both the TBS ‘Japan Record Awards’ and the 2010 ‘KBS Music Festival‘, which were both held on the same night.
It was recently revealed that this chartered plane was actually a Gulfstream 550 (G550). For those of you that don’t know, the Gulfstream G550 is a $50 million jet manufactured by the General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace unit in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. A stable of Fortune 500 CEO’s, Gulfstream was recently brought into the public spotlight through Far⋆East Movement’s Billboard Chart Topping single ‘Like a G6′ (Gulfstream 650).
The girls are extremely busy but at least they’re going around in luxury, comfort and style.

Dal Shabet unveils ‘Supa Dupa Diva’ MV teaser

After all the talk, E-Tribe’s newest 6-member girl group project – Dal Shabet has finally unveiled their MV teaser for their debut title track, ‘Supa Dupa Diva‘.
Comprised of leader Viki (22), Serri (20), Ji Yul (19), A Young (19), Ka Eun (18), and Su Bin (16), the teaser gives off a colorful vibe with the comic book setting and their bright outfits.
A representative of Happy Face Entertainment stated, “We’re thankful that people were so interested in the group with just their album jacket concept photos. Due to the support of the fans, we’ve decided to release the teaser a day earlier than planned.”
In an interview with Seoul NTN on December 31st, the Dal Shabet members said, “Our debut track, ‘Supa Dupa Diva,’ is composed of cute slangs used by teens, and stands for being the best like ‘king wang zzang.’ Since we are a girl group starting off with a new year, we’ll be working hard until we become the divas of the Korean music industry.”
Produced by E-TRIBE, the song is the first crossover between urban R&B and country in Korea and their performances are also set up to give the feel of musicals.
The full version of the music video will be released early next year, followed by the digital release of their ‘Supa Dupa Diva’ album on the morning of January 4th.
The group will be debuting through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on the 6th, followed by KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” on the 7th, and SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun Chocolate” on the 9th.

Nichkhun & Victoria exchange Christmas gifts

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria spent their first Christmas together for MBC’s “We Got Married.”
The two will be exchanging small, but meaningful gifts in celebration of the holiday. Last week, Nichkhun had prepared a ‘blockbuster-level’ event for his wife that included the help of his fellow 2PM members.  Unfortunately, the large-scale event didn’t get much out of a response from Victoria, leading him to go a different route this time.
He opted instead for a CD with a recording of a song he sang, expressed his genuine thoughts of her on it. Victoria showed a bigger response for this second gift, and expressed how touched she was by giving him a surprise ‘gift’ of her own in return.
The ‘gift’ that made Nichkhun’s heart flutter can be seen on the episode to air on January 1st, 2011.

After School will reveal their 9th member at “MBC Gayo Daejun”

Back in July, Pledis Entertainment announced that they were searching for After School’s ninth member.
After an overwhelming response of applicants, the agency has finally narrowed it down to new member
Fans can finally meet the newest member of the girl group, as Pleidis Entertainment announced on December 31st, “The ninth member of After School will be introduced on MBC’s ‘Gayo Daejun‘.
After School is said to have prepared this secretly with MBC, and the performance will showcase the ninth member’s unique charms.
A representative stated, “The new member was praised by MBC representatives during a pre-meeting. After School will delight their fans with this hot surprise on the celebratory final day of 2010.”

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Audio teaser of CNBLUE’s Japanese single, “Try Again, Smile Again” revealed

CNBLUE has recently confessed that they’re debating between focusing on individual acting careers, or proceeding with their February comeback.
As fans anxiously await for their decision, it appears that the boys plan to continue with their Japanese promotions.
Scheduled to drop on January 9th, a 30-second audio teaser of their upcoming single, “Try Again, Smile Again“, has been revealed. The song appears to be the title track from their 3rd Japanese single, “Re-maintenance.”
According to CNBLUE’s official Japanese site, the tracklist for “Re-maintenance” is as follows:
1. Try again, Smile again
2. Don’t say goodbye
3. Kimio
4. Try again, Smile again (Instrumental)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CNBLUE’s comeback possibly delayed with drama offers

CNBLUE appears to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Their rising popularity in the acting industry is forcing them to debate between following more acting opportunities, or continuing with their scheduled comeback.
On December 29th, the band’s agency, FNC Music, revealed that the boys’ February comeback might be delayed in order to give priority to the offers the members have been receiving from drama producers.
A representative of the agency stated, “All four of the members have all been offered roles in different dramas by popular directors. We’re currently discussing the possibility of delaying their comeback as singers because of them.”
Although nothing’s set in stone yet, the development only shows that the rookie group’s fame is well-established.
Kang Minhyuk is currently starring in SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter,” while Jung Yonghwahas a drama scheduled for the second half of 2011.

TVXQ’s title track ‘Why’ to be released online before album

TVXQ’s long-anticipated comeback is close by, with their album scheduled to drop soon on the market. However, fans will receive an early gift – their title track ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’, will be revealed online on January 3rd!
Their special album will follow with a release on the 5th, which includes 10 songs and and 100-page photobook of Yunho and Changmin. The normal version will be released on the 12th, and will come with an extra song that is not included in the special album.
Since it’s been so long since they last promoted, the group will hold fan-signing events next month.

Profiles for Dal Shabet revealed!

We’re all quite curious about E-TRIBE’s newest project – a girl group by the name of “Sweet Shabet“. While expectations are running high for their music, many have been wondering about the members themselves.
Recently, Happy Face Entertainment shared their profiles with Naver Music. The members are comprised of leader Vicky (22), Seri (20), Jiyool (19), Ah Young (19), Ga Eun (18), and Subin (16).
Vicky, Seri, Ah Young, and Jiyool are all entertainment broadcast majors at Dong Deok Women’s University, while Ga Eun and Subin both attend high schools specializing in entertainment.
The group already showed off their talents through SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” last week, and demonstrated that they were all highly trained in both singing and dancing. The members also revealed that they’ve been developing their talents since they were very young.
Sweet Shabet will be releasing their “Supa Dupa Diva” teaser on January 1st, 2011.

Nine Muses debuts in Japan at “Seoul Train NineMuses & Friends

With Korean girl groups making headlines for their impact in Japan this year, ‘model idol group’ Nine Muses joined the Hallyu wave by performing in the “SEOUL Train NineMuses & Friends” concert on December 26th.
Held at Shibuya’s CC Lemon Hall, the concert was meant to introduce the hottest K-POP stars to Japanese reporters and fans. Nine Muses attended the event alongside labelmates V.O.S’s Kim Kyung Rok and ZE:A’SiwanHyung ShikMinwoo, and Heechul.
Nine Muses performed their debut track “No Play“, which was followed by “Ladies” and “Buttons.” They also collaborated with ZE:A for “Phantom of the Opera,” “Booty Bounce,” and “All I Want For Christmas.”
Representatives of Star Empire stated, “Nine Muses held their first performance in Japan and are extremely thankful for the warm response they received. The girls cried over achieving more than what they expected. They’ll be continuing their Japanese promotions after this Seoul Train concert, so please give them your support.”
Meanwhile back in Korea, Nine Muses’ Eunji and Lee Saem will participate as special MCs for Mnet’s “M. Countdown” on December 30th.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was discovered before SM Entertainment?

Park Sun Joo, famous vocal trainer and mentor to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, revealed an interesting story during her appearance on “Super Junior’s Foresight” on December 29th.
Park revealed that she had discovered Kyuhyun’s talents before SM Entertainment did when he was still a trainee in high school. She had attempted to produce Kyuhyun and debut him into the industry herself, but lost the chance after SM Entertainment had scouted and debuted him through Super Junior first.
She continued, “It was so disappointing having Kyuhyun stolen from me by SM. But still, he’s doing so well now, so I’m glad.”
The two came together as mentor and student on the show and performed a duet titled “Man and Woman.”
The rest of the episode can be seen at 5 PM KST on December 29th.

Rain explains why he joined forces with Park Jin Young and JYPE

Top star Rain has personally revealed the reason why he decided to work hand-in-glove with JYPE andPark Jin Young, after leaving the agency three years ago.
Shortly after JYPE announced that they were to become the biggest shareholder of J.Tune Entertainment, Rain left the following message on his official homepage:
“It was simply a strategic alliance with the intention that both companies could work together to bring about the greatest synergetic effect – it does not mean I am becoming a part of JYP Entertainment. I would also like to say once again that I am just a celebrity in J.Tunes Entertainment; I have no shares with the company, nor do I have the power to make any changes.”
“The reason why I joined forced forces with Jin Young-hyung was because after the many discussions we had together, we decided that I should show a variety of sides to myself before my enlistment. Also, since I met with Jin Young-hyung 10 years ago and began my career as ‘Rain’, I thought it would hold a deep meaning to wrap up my activities alongside Jin Young-hyung before my enlistment.”

With an average age of just 9.75, Girl Story, the youngest girl group in Korea made their official debut on the December 26th episode of “Y-Star Live Power Music“.
The adolescent group has faced some challenges with an anti-fan cafe (with members numbering over 20k and counting), and a likely sanction on free-to-air TV performances. However, their agency is unconcerned and forged ahead with their plans.
Their debut EP “G-Story” was just released on the various Korean music portals and the MV for their title track “Pinky Pinky” was also released. You can support the group by purchasing their album. Click HERE to see this MV !

SHINee’s ‘THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO’ “SHINee World” to air in February

Over this past holiday weekend the boys of SHINee held their concert ‘THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO’ “SHINee World” at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. As most of their fans were unable to attend this concert, there’s good news for you as it’s been recently announced that this concert will air on TV.
SHINee is scheduled to make their official debut in Japan next March and it’s been recently announced on their official Japanese webpage that SHINee’s Japanese concert will air on Fuji TV on February 27th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM.
There’s still a long wait before it airs, most likely to coincide with the timing of their Japanese debut but it’s still better than nothing.

Park Shin Hye celebrated Christmas in Taiwan

A picture of actress Park Shin Hye celebrating Christmas in Taiwan has been circulating around various community boards.
The actress is currently in Taiwan filming for her new drama, GTV’s “Sensation World“. A romantic drama, it revolves around the story of a wealthy woman and a man in debt – “Sensation World” is actually an adaptation of the Japanese drama, “Hayate the Combat Butler“.
Considering how she must bring out her cute aegyo for the cameras, she pulls off the cute look quite flawlessly. Netizens were also charmed by this picture in which she crouches on the floor with candles and a mini-tree. Some wrote, “She spent Christmas overseas but still looks very happy,” “She’s gotten prettier since she left,” and “She can’t possibly be cuter than this.”
Park Shin Hye will be spending New Years in Taiwan as well, and will return to Korea in early February.

SNSD’s “Hoot” mini-album ranks 2nd on Oricon’s weekly chart

SNSD’s latest mini-album, “Hoot“, has ranked second on Japan’s Oricon daily chart!
According to data revealed by Oricon on December 28th, the Korean mini-abum was released on the 22nd and had already sold 61,000 copies in its first week.
Oricon representatives revealed, “Their single for ‘Gee‘ was their best record, which placed in at second. This is the first time for SNSD to make it in the top 10 with an album.” This past August, SNSD was the first international female group to rank in on the Oricon singles weekly chart with “Gee”.
SNSD’s “Hoot” mini-album features six of their hit tracks such as “Gee,”Genie,” “Run Devil Run,” and “Oh!”

SM Entertainment & SNSD chosen as the most influential in the industry

Sports Korea recently revealed the results of their awards survey which involved 100 professionals of the entertainment industry, who gave their opinions on which personalities had the most powerful influence over the year.
In the question that asked professionals to “choose a Korean entertainment company that had the largest influence on the industry,” 28 votes went to SM Entertainment.
Kim Kil Ho, Director of the Entertainment Management Association, revealed, “SM Entertainment was the company that raised awareness of Korean culture and business in Japan.” KBS’Kwak Ki Won EP added, “The company had the most influence in the entire entertainment industry.”
Kim Young Min, CEO of SM Entertainment, shared his feelings on winning with Sports Korea by stating, “It’s not possible to comfortably take part in the international market without revitalizing the Korean market. Next year, we’ll be focusing on the domestic market.”
CJ Entertainment came in second with 21 votes for the success of its movie, “The Man From Nowhere,” and was followed by Mnet with 14 votes, who sparked an audition wave in Korea with “Superstar K“.
SM Entertainment’s SNSD also won the “Star of the Year” award with 36 votes, making it the first time ever for a company to win both the “Entertainment Power of the Year” and the “Star of the Year” awards.
In an interview, SNSD revealed, “The first performance for our Japanese showcase was our most memorable moment. We want to go on a world tour in the new year and raise global awareness of Korean culture.”
SNSD was followed by Wonbin, who earned 19 votes for his part in “The Man From Nowhere,” and finally Jang Hyuk in third with six votes for his KBS 2TV drama, “Chuno.”