Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Special Stage♥

Secret has been a tough competitor on music charts lately. Yesterday on Music Bank, Secret picked up another win with their hit track, "Shy Boy". MBLAQ has also been doing well on the charts, with their hit tracks, "Cry" and "Stay".

For tonight's episode of MBC's Music Core, MBLAQ and Secret came together to perform a special stage. The two idol groups performed Secret's hit, "Shy Boy". Due to Mir's back injury, he was not able to participate in the special stage. The members of MBLAQ and Secret paired up evenly and performed a bright Valentine's Day stage on tonight's episode of Music Core.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is SNSD going to make an American debut soon?

Update: It looks like SNSD will not yet be making an American debut, as YesAsia just confirmed that the "Hoot (US Version)" page was a mistake. Check out the screenshot below.

Original: On January 8th, SM Entertainment held a SNSD fan meeting for American fans, seemingly out of nowhere as news of the meeting was released only a week beforehand. The showcase drew many fans and the atmosphere was joyful. Many fans had wondered why an SNSD fan meeting was held in LA, and some fans wondered if the meeting was to gather information on the girls' popularity and other factors in order to debut them in America. 

Today, YesAsia added "Hoot (US Version)" to their list of products. This suggests that SNSD may make an American with debut with their chart topping song "Hoot". However, a fan has discovered that the UPC code of the supposed US version is the same as that of the Japanese version, hinting that the US version may have been uploaded as a mistake. Also, the expected release date is February 15th, which is only one week away. Considering SM Entertainment has not released any information despite the release date of "Hoot (US Version)" being one week away, it seems unlikely that SNSD will be making an American debut just yet. 

Leeteuk responds to netizens calling his ex-girlfriend a ’sponsor’

On February 9th, Leeteuk tweeted, “Please refrain from using such exploitive news titles for promotional reasons. It does not feel good.
This was in response to various news articles which headlined Leeteuk’s ex-girlfriend as a “sponsor”. The day before, Leeteuk had revealed through “Super Junior’s Foresight” that he was under the ’special care’ of an older woman during his trainee days.
Apparently, his ex-girlfriend took care of him from head to toe, even giving him extra pocket change when he went shopping or to the salon. Leeteuk added, “It was both psychologically and financially helpful“.
Many media outlets viewed his relationship as unusual, and so they labelled his girlfriend as a ’sponsor’, forcing Leeteuk to make a firm rebuke.
Fans are also defending Leeteuk’s response, as they felt that the media was making intentional negative connotations with the word, ’sponsor’

Dalmatian releases teaser for "I'm Opposed to That Man" and "Love Cop"

Dalmatian fans have been looking forward to the boys' comeback ever since they stopped promoting their debut single "Round 1." The boys are back now with "I'm Opposed to That Man" and "Love Cop." IS Entertainment has also released the boys' teaser photos through their twitter.

The boys will be having a full-on comeback on the 14th, and will also hold a showcase with their fans on that same day. 

CNBLUE delays the release of their first full album

CNBLUE said that they’ll be postponing the release of their first full-length album by a month.
CNBLUE’s official homepage kicked off a countdown timer a few weeks back, which whittled away the hours until the album’s release on February 23rd. Unfortunately, it looks like unexpected change-ups in their production schedule has forced a delay.
The issue seems to source from the recording studio – representatives have stated that additional tracks are being added, and so the album is still in its production phase.
FNC Music, CNBLUE’s agency, issued a statement explaining why they felt a delay was necessary. “As it is CNBLUE’s first full album, there are a lot of areas that we’re putting a lot of focus on. The full album will contain tracks composed by the members themselves, but we think there will be an inevitable delay in the album release as we are working harder to unveil a more satisfactory production.”
They continued, “As much as the fans have been waiting, we’ll be sure to give back to the fans through great songs.”
At this time, CNBLUE is shooting their music video in Tokyo, so hopefully we can expect to hear from the boys soon!