Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CNBLUE delays the release of their first full album

CNBLUE said that they’ll be postponing the release of their first full-length album by a month.
CNBLUE’s official homepage kicked off a countdown timer a few weeks back, which whittled away the hours until the album’s release on February 23rd. Unfortunately, it looks like unexpected change-ups in their production schedule has forced a delay.
The issue seems to source from the recording studio – representatives have stated that additional tracks are being added, and so the album is still in its production phase.
FNC Music, CNBLUE’s agency, issued a statement explaining why they felt a delay was necessary. “As it is CNBLUE’s first full album, there are a lot of areas that we’re putting a lot of focus on. The full album will contain tracks composed by the members themselves, but we think there will be an inevitable delay in the album release as we are working harder to unveil a more satisfactory production.”
They continued, “As much as the fans have been waiting, we’ll be sure to give back to the fans through great songs.”
At this time, CNBLUE is shooting their music video in Tokyo, so hopefully we can expect to hear from the boys soon!

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