Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Leeteuk responds to netizens calling his ex-girlfriend a ’sponsor’

On February 9th, Leeteuk tweeted, “Please refrain from using such exploitive news titles for promotional reasons. It does not feel good.
This was in response to various news articles which headlined Leeteuk’s ex-girlfriend as a “sponsor”. The day before, Leeteuk had revealed through “Super Junior’s Foresight” that he was under the ’special care’ of an older woman during his trainee days.
Apparently, his ex-girlfriend took care of him from head to toe, even giving him extra pocket change when he went shopping or to the salon. Leeteuk added, “It was both psychologically and financially helpful“.
Many media outlets viewed his relationship as unusual, and so they labelled his girlfriend as a ’sponsor’, forcing Leeteuk to make a firm rebuke.
Fans are also defending Leeteuk’s response, as they felt that the media was making intentional negative connotations with the word, ’sponsor’

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