Thursday, July 7, 2011

New group HITT reveals tracklist for debut mini album

Earlier this week we revealed the new and upcoming group HITT through newly released pictures. Happy Holic, their company, revealed those in anticipation for their group's debut.

The group will be releasing their first mini album "Here is the Top" within two weeks from now, and has just recently revealed the tracklist. Title song "Good Night" is accompanied by another 4 songs, an unplugged version and two instrumentals.

This 6 member group consisting of Hayong, Juntaek, Hyunjun, Wooram, Jaehoon and maknae Howon, will be revealing their MV teaser for their debut track on July 4th.

01. I'll Always Love You

02. Good Night
03. 하지마 (Do Not)
04. Run Away
05. 한참 (Feat. Yiruma) (Long)
06. 하지마 (Unplugged Ver.) (Do Not)
07. Good Night (Inst.)
08. I'll Always Love You (Inst.)

Source: Koreaboo

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