Sunday, April 10, 2011

SNSD's vocal trainer Jang Jinyeong to make solo comeback

Black Beat's Jang Jinyeong, who has been acting as SNSD and SHINee's vocal trainer, is releasing a solo track titled "Another Time". After debuting with Black Beat in 2002 through record label SM Entertainment, Jang Jinyeong has been actively promoted through both Black Beat and By Jinsung; at the same time, he worked as a vocal trainer for singers under SM. In this new song, Jang Jinyeong shows off his distinctive sound with his use of head-voice. His vocals are accompanied by Yoo Jeonghun on the piano. Yoo Jeonghun is also the pianist behind songs on the "Sungkyungwan Scandal" OST, famed for their soulful melodies. Furthermore, the music video director for "Another Time" is Yoo Jongmin, who also produced videos for DIA and Dr.9 amongst others.

Source: Koreaboo

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