Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Bang extends contracts with YG Entertainment for another five years

On April 7th, it was revealed that the members of Big Bang have extended their contracts with their label, YG Entertainment, for another five years!
Representatives from YG revealed, “The Big Bang members, who have been with us for 10 years since their trainee days, are like family members to us. We are thankful that they have put their trust in the label they’ve debuted with once again, but most of all, we are glad that Big Bang will be able to stand before their fans for a longer time.”

They continued, “Discord usually arises between idol groups and their agencies at exactly the five year milestone, when contracts come to an end. This year is Big Bang’s fifth anniversary, and although there’s been rumors about the group, none regarding discord within the group or with the agency have been accurate. They hold strong trust in each other.”
Big Bang will be returning with their special edition album on April 8th.

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