Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Pretty Member vs. the Member Guys Like

SNSD - Taeyeon (left) ; Yoona (right)

This may or may not come as a surprise, but in Korea’s idol world, the member sent out in the front as the “prettiest” isn’t always the one Korean guys dig. Let’s see what the netizens say about this.
Although slightly unfair and against the age-old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” often times, the entertainment management or even the idol girls themselves designate one girl as “the prettiest of them all.” But, as a part of the formula of girl idol groups, each member is given their own style so that every guy (in the world?!) can have at least one member that suits their fancy.
In Korea, it’s quite normal for everyday people to have an “ideal type” of guy or girl they would like to date or marry. When they choose their ideal, they actually choose a famous actor, model, or singer that fits their type and then give reasons, be it looks or personality.
Attentive netizens started noticing that a lot of idol fans don’t tend to choose the designated “pretty member” but lean towards a different member.
The most obvious example of this idea can be found in the members of Girls Generation (SNSD). Not only does Yoona think she’s the prettiest, no one seems to disagree with her either. In terms of raw talent, Yoona, unfortunately, is on the lacking side, in relation to her fellow members. It is said that SM left Yoona in the group because of her prettiness. Yet, in the general (male Korean) opinion, lead vocal Taeyeon is more “ideal” than Yoona. Why? Some guys like her voice. Some guys like that she’s cute and innocent-looking. Other guys liked how sweet she was in “We Got Married,” even though her husband wasn’t exactly handsome.

 After School - Ju-yeon (left) ; UEE (right)

Another example is in the members of After School, the girl group created from a dance team, suggesting that talent is the definitive factor for joining the group. Except one famous ulzzang (best face) managed to get in the group without a hitch. Ju-yeon first entered the popularity sphere as an Internet ulzzang, but now she is one of the many members of After School. However, she seems to not get too much love from the guys. During UEE‘s heyday with “You’re Beautiful” and some Cheom-cheoreom Cool soju commercials, the “honey thighs” idol got all the love. These days, other members, such as Nana, seem to be getting more and more attention from the guys. Either way, the “pretty member” isn’t getting the votes.

KARA - Goo Hara (left) ; Han Seung-yeon (right)

Also, in KARA, the ulzzang “pretty member” is doe-eyed Goo Hara, but guys find themselves liking the carefree, not-full-of-herself cuteness of Han Seung-yeon. The list goes on… In Secret, the pretty face is Han Sun-hwa, but guys tend to dig glamorous Jun Hyo-sung. In 4Minute, leader Jihyun is thought to be the prettiest, but guys usually choose popular Hyuna.
Maybe the entertainment companies should re-think the forceful injection of the designated “pretty member.”
Do you agree with the netizens that just because a girl is designated as the “pretty member” doesn’t mean she’ll get the guys?

SECRET - Han Sun-hwa (left) ; Jung Hyo-sun (right)

 4Minute - Jihyun (left) ; Hyuna (right)

source: popseoul

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