Monday, December 27, 2010

Co-Ed with "5dolls"

Rookie group Co-Ed will be debuting their first girl group unit this coming January!
Composed of their four original female members, an additional female member will be added to the unit. The new member is revealed to be Seo Eun Gyo (16), a middle school student.
Core Contents Media revealed on December 28th, “In order to show a wider variety of images to their fans, Co-Ed has created a girl group unit named ‘5dolls‘. The group represents the five female ‘dolls’ that makes up the group. The newest member is the same age as One Star Hyewon, and has been rehearsing with the other female members for awhile.
They also revealed, “Her mother owns a dance school so she naturally learned how to dance since she was six years old. She’s been training in dance for 10 years now, and her vocals are just exceptional.”
They continued, “She hasn’t been met with any difficulty in adjusting to the group, and all five have been working closely together to debut the unit group.”
It was also mentioned that Seo Eun Gyo was briefly a trainee at JYP Entertainment.
The company further revealed, “5dolls will be debuting with a track composed by Brave Brothers.”

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