Sunday, December 26, 2010

Girl Story debuts with “Pinky Pinky” on ‘Y-Star Live Power Music’

With an average age of just 9.75, the youngest girl group in Korea made their official debut on the December 26th episode of “Y-Star Live Power Music“.
Yoon Jung (10), Hye In (10), Yuri (11), and Chae Young (12) pre-recorded their stage for their debut song, “Pinky Pinky“, on December 18th. Y-Star’s PD, Lee Dong Suk, praised Girl Story as being well received by the audience; however, he admitted that he felt unnerved at watching such young girls perform on stage.
Despite having an anti-fan cafe (with members numbering over 20k and counting), and a likely sanctionon free-to-air TV performances, their agency is unconcerned. They plan on promoting the group through cable channels instead.
Girl Story will begin full promotions when their album, “G-Story”, is released on the 28th.

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