Monday, December 27, 2010

Park Shin Hye celebrated Christmas in Taiwan

A picture of actress Park Shin Hye celebrating Christmas in Taiwan has been circulating around various community boards.
The actress is currently in Taiwan filming for her new drama, GTV’s “Sensation World“. A romantic drama, it revolves around the story of a wealthy woman and a man in debt – “Sensation World” is actually an adaptation of the Japanese drama, “Hayate the Combat Butler“.
Considering how she must bring out her cute aegyo for the cameras, she pulls off the cute look quite flawlessly. Netizens were also charmed by this picture in which she crouches on the floor with candles and a mini-tree. Some wrote, “She spent Christmas overseas but still looks very happy,” “She’s gotten prettier since she left,” and “She can’t possibly be cuter than this.”
Park Shin Hye will be spending New Years in Taiwan as well, and will return to Korea in early February.

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