Monday, May 30, 2011

Korean male celebrities prettier than girls

Korean male celebrities are know for being handsome, but some of them are envied because they are even more beautiful than girls. This list includes just 7 of the male idols that can take the hearts of girls and boys at the same time.
If they wear wig, add some makeup and smile pretty, then this male idols can be confused with girls if you do not who they really are. This list includes just 7 of them, but we all know that the k-pop world is full of more pretty male celebrities. Let's start and see if you can find your favorite idol on the list made by a Korean reporter.

1. Super Junior's Kim Heechul - The Natural Beauty
The guy who was born prettier than a girl, and who has been confused for one in more than one occasion. His white skin and delicate features make him one of the prettiest boys in the k-pop scene. With him words are useless since he is just too perfect to describe.

2.Jang Geun Suk - The Charming Prince
Geun Suk is the prettiest rock star in the Korean world. He is an amazing actor and great singer, and it seems like his talent is unmeasurable and everlasting. It does not matter if he has really short hair or if it is way too long, he looks handsome no matter what. His smile is so charming that even stars feel ashamed when he laughs. Jang Geun Suk looks like a beautiful prince taken from a fairytale, or the best manga character ever.

3. Song Joong Ki - The Baby Faced Beauty
He called the attention of everyone with his role in 'Will it Snow at Christmas?' and then took part of the popular drama 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' which turned him into a a star in no time. His sweet and lovely face are undeniable, and he is type of boy that make you melt with just one smile. But dress him as a girl and even boys will fall for him in to time due to his perfect features.

4. SS501's Kim Hyun Joong - The Leader
He is a singer, actor and cutie. Kim Hyun Joong has been pretty popular since the debut of SS501, but after becoming the charming prince in Boys Over Flowers, the cold blooded yet sweet boy from 'Playful Kiss' and then make a cameo as himself on 'Dream High', the number of his fans has increased in amazing way. Now he is ready for his solo debut that will surely be a success.

5. SHINee's Taemin - The Noonas Love
Such a cute face adorned by pretty eyes and charming smile are irresistible no matter what. Taemin's personality and appearance are a perfect match that leave noonas unarmed to his charms.

6. Lee Jun Ki - The Talented Star
Jun Ki fame comes from his numerous dramas and movies that made him popular not only in Korea, but also around Asia. He can become a feminine clown (The King and The Clown - movie), a rich boy (My Girl - Drama) or a modern hero (Hero - Drama). He is a singer, actor, model and more. For the time being fans can not see his pretty face since he is fulfilling his military service, but we are sure he will introduce a new Jun Ki by the time he comes back.

7. Jung Il Woo - The Pretty Scheduler
Il Woo has been highly praised for his recent work on 49 days as the scheduler who led the female lead during her journey. However despite his manly looks, he is actually cuter than you can imagine and with a slight make-over he looks like a totally different person.

Source : GoKpop

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