Saturday, May 7, 2011

Still cut from Rain's upcoming movie "Take Off: Closer to the Sun" revealed

Rain has been casted in a remake of the 1964 Korean movie "Red Muffler." The name of the remake movie itself has been changed from "Red Muffler" to "Take Off: Closer to the Sun." 

The producing company of the movie CJ E&M has revealed a still cut from the upcoming movie, which features Rain wearing sunglasses and uniform as he looks back at his fighter jet with the sunset in the background.

In April, Rain and Jeong Seokwon revealed photos of themselves in their air force uniform.

The movie tells of a life and comradeship between fighter pilots and stars Shin Sekyung, Kim Sungsoo, Yoo Junsang, Lee Hana, Jeong Seokwon, and Lee Jongsuk.

source : koreaboo

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