Monday, May 30, 2011

The Official Lightsticks of 4Minute & BEAST

CUBE Entertainment finally released the official light sticks of BEAST and 4 Minute. CUBE Entertainment artists have risen up to the K-pop scene. And like many other artists, they have now an official light stick to which their fans may use during promotions, concerts, etc.

The new official lightsticks of BEAST and 4 Minute are different when it comes to design and style. This is a breakthrough for lightsticks to be brought anywhere you go since it comes with a "capsule design"

The said light sticks were first distributed and given to the fans during the Dream Concert last May 28, 2011.

Source : GoKpop

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  1. Hi, i'm wondering if you're selling the beast official lightstick and slogan towel? I'm interested to buy it...