Friday, November 12, 2010

SNSD explains why they didn’t like their group name at first

The members of SNSD made an appearance on SBS’s “One Night TV Entertainment” and revealed that they did not like their group’s name the first time they heard it.
Regarding the name ‘SNSD,’ the girls stated, “We heard the name and became shocked.”
Sooyoung added, “I heard it and cried.”
They explained, “At the time, Korean names weren’t so popular. We expected English names like ‘Eternity,’ ‘Muse,’ or even the Korean phrase for ‘loving relationships,’ ‘Yegrina.’ The fact that ‘Generation’ was included made it so awkward. It’s not even ‘YaIn Generation (Korean drama)’ either...”
They also gave short explanations on their image and their real personality, with Yoona stating, “I’m not as quiet as people think I am. I’m really kind of tom-boyish.” When Tiffany began explaining why she cries so often, the members butted in by adding, “Tiffany doesn’t cry a lot, she has a lot of drool.

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