Friday, November 12, 2010

Taiwanese program talks about possible lawsuit from SM for issues concerning SNSD

We previously reported on how SNSD fans were in an uproar over an exposé program, which ran on Taiwan’s ’Super Lucky‘ show. The cast members were discussing about how Korean girl groups are supposedly forced to distribute sexual favors, as well as undergo plastic surgery in their efforts to make it to the top. While these issues are in themselves, contentious, the uproar began when the program used photos of SNSD to exemplify their points.
In face of such a backlash, the hosts of ‘Super Lucky’ talked about their viewpoint regarding SM Entertainment’s possible lawsuit live on air.
They stated that they intended to point out issues with the entertainment industry in Asia, and not just South Korea alone. However, some netizens are not satisfied with the manner in which the hosts made their apology. Apparently, the hosts smiled and made jokes throughout their “apology”, and many are criticizing that it seemed insincere and ridiculous.
Netizens commented, “You should be sincere when you make an apology. I’m Taiwanese, and I’m embarrassed how they make the whole thing a joke”, “Is this situation fun to them? I don’t know how they could laugh and joke while apologizing”, “You are not 3-year-olds. Please make a sincere apology”, “Their actions are not apologetic, but mocking. Aren’t they embarrassed?”, and “They make a negative generalization about the entire Korean music industry, and they apologize like that?”
SM Entertainment has stated earlier that because they feel that the image of SNSD has been used in a malicious manner, they plan to respond accordingly through legal actions.

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