Thursday, November 11, 2010

Orange Caramel reveals name of comeback title track, “Aing♡”

annyeonghaseyo ! Let me introduce myself :) I'm Sonia CA . This is my first news ! Please enjoy ! :D

After School’s sub-unit group, Orange Caramel, has revealed the title track from their second mini-album.
Aing♡‘ will be leading as the main track from the five-song list, which is comprised of four new tracks and an instrumental.
Their soon-to-be hit single was composed by Wheesung and Jo Young Su, the composer behind their first mini-album title track, “Magic Girl“. The two have come together in an attempt to create another hit, and claim that the song features a ‘Korean melody’ that is sure to delight fans.
The lyrics also include cute expressions, such as “Aing, aing, you make me so happy, aing aing.
Orange Caramel’s new album will be released on November 18th. (Aing, aing! - Shoot, we haven’t even heard the track and we’re loving it already!)

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