Friday, November 12, 2010

SNSD Seohyun’s shy handshake with a male student

Photos of SNSD’s Seohyun signing autographs at school have been revealed.
On November 12th, photos were posted on a message board with the title, “Photos of Seohyun Signing Autographs at School.” While the college freshman is looking gorgeous dressed down, netizens are more interested in her flustered expression, as she was requested for a handshake by a male student.
Netizens commented, “Her handshake with the male student looks very awkward hehe” “Shyly handshaking kekeke“, and “Diligently attending school, it’s really good to see~
Seohyun is currently attending Dongguk University, where former Wonder Girls member Sunmi and 4minute’s Gayoon will be attending next year. Seohyun was accepted for the 2010 school year as a theater and film major.

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