Wednesday, January 5, 2011

donghae ~.~

Below Shindong provide leak, about the difficult living with people named Lee Donghae
Shindong : I want to say something to Donghae. That he should apologize to me! than others, it does clothing - my clothes are among the most "elastic", why Eetuk Donghae-hyung and often use my clothes as a blanket. In fact, not infrequently, when just finished drying my clothes and dry, they took it quietly - quietly and directly use it as a blanket ... and I myself can not speak what is - what else! I've been reminded a thousand times Donghae, but I did not say anything against Eetuk-hyung! Hahahaha ~ ~

Ryeowook : Not that there's more?

kim shinyoung : Huh exist anymore? 
Ryeowook : computer Problem! 
Shindong : Ah yes the computer! This time dealing with computers. Actually, it is fair when used in a long enough period of time, whose name electronic goods that it would be damaged. But, try to imagine you guys! ... Until now I've changed my hard disk 4 times because of damage!
Ryeowook : Donghae, he who destroyed it! 
Shindong : That's right ... just imagine ... the new computer I bought just a week, directly dirusaknya.
Donghae : Ah .. about that, I admit ..., my luck was not too good!. It happened outside my estimate ... then computerku not want to connect to the internet. So I went to the room Shindong, and I happened to see her computer on and connected to the internet. So I borrowed a minute for browsing - browsing, checking SuperJunior's rank, and search for news, and when finished, I berinsiatif turn off his computer, if allowed to continue to burn her affection electricity. But not long after, Shindong-hyung came over and asked, "Who touched my computer", and I said ... I'm a mamatikannya! tapitidak thought at all if the computer even the total dead!
Shindong :After Donghae wear it, my computer will not start again!
Ryeowook, Donghae's hands it could supply power and make the goods - goods konslet. 
Donghae : Before this I also have 2 computers in a room damage Ryeowook. 
kim shinyoung :So the total is how much are you broken? 
Ryeowook :because of computer, for the first time I was angry at Donghae! 
Shindong : But now it does not matter 
Ryeowook : Can understandable! 
Kyuhyun : Just look Donghae, all electronics can die completely. 
Donghae : Actually, when I was younger, my father had often warned me not to touch the equipment - electronic equipment at home
Kangin : That's why, when we all buy a new phone and Donghae wanted to see it, we all afraid .
Shindong : We can not let him see a new mobile phone

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