Saturday, January 29, 2011


Nichkhun cooks spaghetti for Victoria on “We Got Married”

On the ‘Khuntoria’ segment of January 29th’s “We Got Married,2PM’s Nichkhun earned the nickname of ‘Chef Khun’ by preparing a spaghetti dish for his wife, f(x)’s Victoria.
Having created the tomato sauce from scratch, he revealed his satisfaction with the outcome in his black room interview. “Even I think it came out a bit nice. Although Victoria was full, she ate it all up right to the end.” Nichkhun completed his role as the caring husband by doing the dishes after wards as well.
Fans of the couple were also able to notice just how much more comfortable and closer they got after their trip to Thailand.  The two aren’t as hesitant in initiating skin ship anymore and express their affections for one another more often.

Later in the episode, Victoria visited the set of 2PM’s comeback stage with handmade lunch boxes, and Nichkhun greeted her with a surprised, but overjoyed smile.
In his black room interview, Nichkhun expressed how much her visit had impacted him by saying, “I hadn’t seen her in such a long while,  I wanted to give her a hug.”
When asked why, he replied, “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to because there were other people around us.”

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