Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heechul's tweetland

Heechul's interview in GQ stirs up controversy 

In a GQ interview, Heechul had commented, "Of course I have a lot of problems with the company too. But I don't think I need to complain about it to the public. Honestly, do I make little money? No. They talk about slave contracts all over the place now. But the funny things is, what kind of slave buys building for parents? What kind of slave has a car? What kind of slave has the time to play around drinking?"

Some Cassiopeians that read this assumed that it was meant to be a jab toward the JYJ members and have gotten furious. Although Heechul has ignored most of the attacks toward him, it seems like he has finally reached his limit; he has recently retweeted one of the aggressive tweet towards him and commented, "Wow, you really can't speak properly..."

The attack tweet said, "Don't butt in, did you throw away your common sense in the Han River?? Or did you sell it in the market?? Why are you stick your nose in places you shouldn't, you slave ㅡㅡ Ah... Did your master order you to say something like that since you're the slave?? Why don't you just shut up and just be average??"

The problem that Heechul pointed out was in reference to her grammar and spelling. When ELF saw the attacks, they stormed to the offender's twitter and started to attack her back. She quickly apologized by saying, "It's my business what I tweet. But I'm sorry I was so harsh. I didn't think he would RT. I'm sorry I was so harsh to Heechul and I'm sorry I acted without thinking about the consequences. ㅠ Sorry~ Just think of it as aegyo. Heechul, I'm sorry, let's make up. Sorry. ㅠ" and has deleted all of her attacks toward Heechul.

However, ELF weren't so quick to forgive her, and many have spread the news of what she has said to ensure that her actions won't be forgotten. As more and more Korean ELF are starting to get up for the morning, more and more are starting to flood her Twitter. What do you think about the whole incident?

Heechul responds to antis on Twitter

A few hours ago, Heechul had retweeted an anti's tweet. She ended up deleting not only her posts but also her Twitter account. However, his actions caused him to get even more attacks, and he has just replied to all of them in a long essay on his Twitter.

He tweeted:

"Worry about the country, the society, and the economy in that time. When you have the time to read Internet replies, read a newspaper article.. What's the point of being able to read if you can't understand what you're reading.. You have no start and finish and it's all illogical. If you just stay silent, at least you'll be average. Arf arf~"

"I doubt most of the country cares about me or all of you. In fact, I don't even know if they'll see this post. They just say it's fun if I say it is and say it's not if I say it's not.. You all act like you're the spokespeople for the whole country."

"Have you tried doing something good for your parents while you have time to bash someone? Turn the light on in your room instead of your eyes and draw out your future. But I guess I'm just as childish for fighting the people shitting on me here.. If you're gonna shit on something, go do it in your bathroom."

"Also, you red-eyed dogs that don't have anything to rip apart. I guess you know you did wrong, because when something comes out you make it into something big and go insane... You are part of the public and you are part of the country, but you're neither the whole public nor the entire country."

"I can do good things for my parents, and I'm thankful that I have something I can call my own.. Do I seem like a slave to you? I'm sure all of the people who have experienced society doesn't think so. I don't know if you'll see this or not, but I'm going to thank all those people ^-^"

"Let me ask all of the public. Do I seem like a slave? Do I seem not free? Before I was a celebrity, I was like every other man and I've done part-time and full-time jobs. I don't know if it's because I've been in the society for a bit, but I'm thankful for the way I am now."

Seems like he's getting really worked up! What do you think about this whole ordeal?

This is the message from Cassiopeia to E.L.F

To. E.L.F

일단, 정말죄송합니다..여러분의영원한친구,여러분이사랑하고응원하는분에게막말한점정말사과드려요..다들많이예민해져서그렇다고생각하시면좋겠습니다.. 사실많이부럽거든요..다섯명을좋아하면..잡팬이래요..^^..많이힘들고요..엘프분들은그래도..슈퍼주니어오빠들이옆에서응원해주고..아껴주 잖아요..저희는..저희가다퍼주는데도..곁에없어요..카시오페아는엘프의남편..엘프는카시오페아의예쁜부인..우리이때까지그렇게잘지냈으니 ..앞으로도서로..그렇게..예쁘게..같이울고..웃을수있으면좋겠어요..정말죄송합니다..


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