Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yesung's accident

'Super Show 3'

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul were involved in a minor car accident recently, rumored to have been caused by overly zealous fans who chased them in their cars. this is the report on what appears to be a rather serious incident involving member Yesung and a fan’s light stick during their “Super Show 3“ concert in Singapore.
A fan cam from the concert captured the incident in its entirety. In the clip you can see the members of Super Junior  freely roaming about their stage while singing ‘Wonder Boy,’ when all of a sudden, a fan threw their light stick towards the stage, making a direct hit with Yesung’s face.
The impact caused Yesung to double over while clutching his face, and it’s caused many to wonder if the projectile had hit him in the eye.
If the fan had thrown the light stick to get their attention, she got exactly what she wanted, but I’m sure she got the attention of surrounding E.L.Fs as well.
Everyone, it can be really exciting when you’re close to your idols, but please take a moment before you let yourself get carried away. Throwing something, chasing them down, and invading their personal space – these actions are disrespectful, and dangerous besides.

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