Monday, January 3, 2011

Idols reveal their filial acts on MBC’s “Come to Play”

A bevy of top idol groups made their appearance on MBC’s “Come to Play” today, and competed against each other to earn the title of ‘the most filial son/daughter.’
The episode focused on revealing the dutiful acts the idols have done for their parents and featured stars such as SNSDSuper Junior’s Lee Teuk and YesungB2ST’s Ki Kwang and Yoseob, andMBLAQ’Lee Joon and Mir.
SNSD’s Seohyun, who’s known for her upright character, started off the discussion by revealing her self-sufficiency.  ”I think that the way I respect my parents is by doing what I’m supposed to do on my own.  From my mother’s perspective, she probably wants to take care of her young and busy daughter as much as she can, but I told her not to worry about it because I can do it on my own.  I think that unfortunately made her more upset because I was forced to mature so early.”
She continued, “Of course, other physical presents are just as precious, but as their daughter, I think growing up without being fussy is a bigger present for them.  I will become a daughter that works hard on improving herself and does not make her parents worry.”
Reflecting on Seohyun’s response, fellow member Yuri commented, “Seohyun would be a good daughter, but not as mine.  She knows what she has to do on her own, where’s the fun in that?
MBLAQ’s Mir, who’s known to be the son of a farming family, revealed that he bought his family four cows.  He stated, “My family lives in the countryside, and the rivalry between the front and back house is quite strong.  I wanted my dad to feel steady and confident.  I was going to buy him two cows, but the house behind us bought three, so I bought him four.”
Super Junior’s Yesung revealed his own story by stating, “I’ve lived away from my parents for a long time.  I’ve always wanted to live with them, and one day, they came down to Seoul.  I opened up a small store for them.” After receiving a round of applause, he continued, “It’s a small restaurant, but I forgot to think of my mother’s health.  She has a hard time working in the kitchen, so I’m trying to look for ways to convert it into a cafe.
SNSD’s Sooyoung confessed, “These days, my mom keeps telling me to date.  This year, I’m going to be a filial daughter and finally get a boyfriend that fits her expectations.
Sunny also brought laughter to the studio when she joked, “The fact that I was even born is a filial act!”More seriously, she continued, “My mother was in bad health after she gave birth to me, but she fought to live on in order to raise me.
Hyoyeon revealed, “I registered a housing premium under all of the names of my family.” Reflecting to a time when she didn’t feel as comfortable on variety shows, she said, “When you appear on TV programs like this, you have to say a lot of things and such, but even up to six months ago, I wasn’t able to.  I feel like that wasn’t a very filial act towards my parents.  I didn’t have a lot of confidence in talking on variety programs so it was hard for them to see me on TV.  I fixed my pronunciation by reading books and learned to improve myself.”
Later on in the program, the idol boys attempted to earn the hearts of the SNSD members.  Mir bragged, “I have a 400-pyeong sized house in our backyard.  In the Bang household, we have eight mountains and dogs and cows that cover our entire mountain.”
Super Junior’s Lee Teuk attempted to capture he ladies’ hearts by bragging, “I’m the first idol MC.  I’m a fixed cast member on seven programs, and tour 15 Asian countries on the weekends.”
Yesung bragged about his philtrum (the indent above the upper lip) by stating, “They say you’ll live a long life when your philtrum is long.  I’m a man better than a diamond, I last forever.”
Finally, B2ST’s Ki Kwang showed off his bow to the camera in the hopes of charming SNSD’s parents, and then began showing off his strength, leading the SNSD members to burst out in laughter.
In the end, the couples that paired up were Yoona and Yesung, Yuri and Mir, Seohyun and Lee Teuk, Sooyoung and Gil, Hyoyeon and Lee Joon, and Taeyeon and Lee Haneul.
Taeyeon and Lee Haneul ended up winning the grand prize through a quiz battle.  After winning, Taeyeon stated, “I think I was able to earn this ‘filial award’ because I was part of a couple with Haneul oppa.  I’m thankful for Haneul oppa!
The special episode recorded 14.1% in viewer ratings according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, a 0.3% rise compared to last week’s episode.

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