Thursday, June 9, 2011

JQT's US Debut plus Tour with Akon

JQT is ready to enter the US market with a tour with Akon. EMI Music disscussed with Melvin Brown about the best way to promote JQT and concluded it would be a good idea if they participated with Akon during his tour.
Capital Records decided to sign with the band after listening to their single 'Peekaboo'. They have previously released records of The Beatles, Snoop Dog, and the Beach Boys. Melvin Brown on the other side has worked with Lady Gaga. Also producers Ray & Renn will be in charge of their first release and the list of celebrities they have worked with include Akon, T-Pain, Lady Gaga, Mario Wynans, and Aaron Carter
JQT will probably present their first American single by the beginning of the next year, and on the meantime they are recording it on Korea and US.

Source : GoKpop

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