Friday, June 3, 2011

Yang Hyun Suk Reveals More About Daesung’s Accident

Yang Hyun Suk left a message on the YG-Life official site talking about the recent car accident that involved Daesung, as well as the reasons why they are going to postpone 2NE1's release and the next YG on air episode.
The president of YG commented that due to the recent circumstances the current schedules of their artists are going to be postponed for a week.
He mentioned that 2NE1's next release and the following episode of YG on Air are going to be postponed for a week like it was announced a while ago. The decision was taken under the current circumstances and all of them apologized and asked fans to understand the situation. 
He also talked about Daesung and his thoughts related to the accident. First of all they expressed their condolences to the family of the man who passed away on the accident and prayed so he could rest in peace. 
Yang Hyun Suk commented that because of his nature he expected that Daesung would be blaming himself for the accident, and that is currently happening. He has refused to speak with everyone, even his family members, and is just staying alone on his room, mentioning that the situation is pretty hard for him.
He continued by saying that he tried to console Daesung that it was an accident and it was pretty hard to avoid the situation for anyone. He also said that the managers visited the scene as soon as they were informed and arrived there after 20 minutes. 
According to them the the accident occurred around 1:30am and that night was a bit drizzly. As it was previously stated the victim was already lying on the road due to a previous hit-and-run, a car driving in front of Daesung saw the victim and avoided him on time, but Daesung was not able to see him and also ended up crashing with the taxi driver who stopped to help the victim. 
Daesung found out later about the motorcycle victim. The taxi driver told the police that it looked like Daesung's speed was around 60km, but Daesung said it was actually 80km. The police is currently investigating the CCTV to have a better understanding of the situation and the order of events as well as the details since it looks like the calculated speed stated by the taxi driver are closer to the true, due to the circumstances of the weather and the road as well. 
Yang Hyun Suk also mentioned that Daesung's pain and the one of the victim's family is uncomparable, but still he is worried since he does not how affected Daesung might be due to the events. He does not how long the trauma will last if it will be weeks, months or even years, specially because Dasung suffered a major car accident back in 2009, where he almost died, and he is not over it yet. 
For the time being Daesung will not be alright, but maybe in the future he will be able to feel better.
He finished by hoping that the investigation can reveal the real facts soon, so Daesung will feel a bit relieved in this situation. 
Finally he thanked the people who are worried about Daesung and once again gave his condolence to the family of the victim.

Source: GoKpop

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