Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SNSD clothing exhibit opened at Tower Records Shinjuku

On May 31, Tower Records opened an "SNSD Clothing Exhibit" on the 7th floor of their Shinjuku, Japan store to commemorate the release of SNSD's first album in Japan, "Girls' Generation."

The exhibit features the girls' clothes from "Run Devil Run." It displays the members, all dressed in white, standing around a central pillar.

The exhibit is not only limited to the Shinjuku store; fans can visit the Tower Records' Shibuya, Nagoya Kintests Pass'e, and Umeda Nu Chayamachi locations to see the complete collection of SNSD's clothes.

The is the first time Tower Records' Shinjuku store has featured an exhibit of Korean artists. The exhibit is free of charge, allows photography, and will be open during regular store hours until June 6.

Source: Koreaboo 

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