Friday, June 3, 2011

Daesung To Pay Accident Victim's Funeral Costs

Days after his car accident that resulted with the death of a motorcyclist, Big Bang's Daesung finally emerged from his isolation, in order to pay respect to the victim's family. 
On the night of June 2nd, Daesung as well as YG Entertainment officials came before the family of the accident victim, and was reported to have been in agony as he apologized in person.
The family had previously been angered by not receiving any sort of apology, and demanded Daesung himself apologize when the YG officials tried to do it for him. 
The family commented saying "It’s true that we were somewhat disappointed in Daesung. A person just died. And he (Daesung) was involved in the accident. We thought, more than anything, a sincere apology would be the first thing to do.". “But his agency just kept making excuses, telling the press that ‘Daesung was driving at 60km/hr,’ ‘I probably wouldn't have been able to avoid the victim either.’ Our child is dead and gone, and it was just really frustrating and dismaying to see that.”
The reason for the long delay was revealed by YG Entertainment to be because of Daesung's state of mind after the accident, which included locking himself in his room and being unable to eat properly. 
But one family member, was taken back by Daesung's sincere apology, stating "At first, I was mad about it, but after seeing Daesung in person, I felt bad for the young man. He looked really painful. He got involved in such a horrible accident at a young age, and I’m sure it came as huge shock to him.”
To add to his apology, Daesung also decided to pay for the funeral costs, as police continue to investigate just what exactly happened that fateful night.

Source: GoKpop

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