Sunday, June 19, 2011

ZE:A to make comeback with "Summer Special Single"

A message for ZE:A fans was recently posted on the boy group's official Daum fancafe revealing their comeback. Scheduled for July 8th, ZE:A will be releasing a new album titled "Summer Special Single." The boy group will be promoting their title song "Watch Out."

Fans will be happy to learn that there will also be events for both registered and unregistered ZE:A's in Korea. ZE:A urges fans to "give us interest, love, and participate!"

Are you excited to see ZE:A return?

This is ZE:A [Children Of Empire]’s representative.

A very delightful announcement for many ZE:A's who have been cheering for me everyday and have been waiting for our comeback!!
Coming July 8th 2011!!
A very special, Special Summer Story with ZE:A [Children Of Empire] will begin.

This newly released album 'Summer Special Single' is specially made for ZE:A's and so, the original album will be only sold in Korea, and along with the album there will be events with official ZE:A's.
Also, there will be an event for only Korea ZE:A's who have registered their official cards and another event where all of the Korean ZE:A's can participate. In order for ZE:A's to participate, the events will be planned in different places where they are actively working on their album. (Further details will be announced soon)

The new title song WATCH OUT, which is made with dance moves and lyrics only for ZE:A’s, everyone’s help and love is needed in order to make it shine. Before the release of the album, streaming, online events and other activities with ZE:A [Children Of Empire] and ZE:A’s would be soon revealed. We hope all of ZE:A’s would give us interest, love, and participate.

ZE:A [Children Of Empire] have been working hard to practicing hard with singing and dancing to show a different side and a completely different concept since the activities of First Official Album .

Album Title : ZE:A [Children of Empire] Summer Special Single
Album Name/Title Song : album name not decided, Title Song WATCH OUT
Album version: Further announcement will be made after final decisions are made

Online Release Time : July 8th 2011 AM 12:00
Release Site: all music sites

Offline Release : July 8th 2011 Released all around Korea
Offline Version: Further announcement will be made after final decisions are made

[Album Pre-Order]
1. Pre-order will start in Starland (Mid June~Late June)
2. Online Album pre-order from 5 main sites (One week before album release)
Source: Koreaboo

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