Sunday, June 19, 2011

2PM sweeps real time music charts with “Hands Up”

Earlier today, 2PM finally released their long-awaited second album, “Hands Up“. The boys had already been sweeping search portals before its release, and they’re now sweeping the live music charts!

2PM were known for their brooding, sorrowful songs about heartbreaks and lost love, but they’ve decided to put that image aside this time with something more edgy and stylish to better fit the party atmosphere of summer. Fans have nicknamed it the ‘upgraded version’ of their debut track, “10 Points out of 10“.

“Hands Up” is noted for being the first ever ‘club style’ track from the boys, and it features a strong electronic sound with an addictive beat.  From start to finish, the song showcases 2PM’s charms to their fullest potential, and Sohee’s narration makes for a fun additional effect.

Aside from the title traack, the album features a slew of other refreshing tracks like Junho and Junsu’s self-composed songs, “Give It to Me” and “Hot“.

2PM will be making their comeback on June 24th through KBS’s “Music Bank.”  Are you ready to play with 2PM under the sun?  Everyone put your hands up!  And get your drinks up!
Source: Allkpop

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