Sunday, June 5, 2011

SHINee's Key and Infinite's Woohyun a Couple?

Have you been following this pairing lately? On the recent broadcast of Sukira Radio, Super Junior's Leeteuk and SHINee's Key talked about Key's relationship with Infinite's Woohyun.
On the middle of their conversation, Super Junior's Leeteuk decided to insert the topic of some Infinite members. On how he gave the numbers to SHINee's Key and asked on how's it going with them.
The full translated conversation goes like this:

Leeteuk: Do you remember me giving Woohyun & Sunggyu's numbers of Infinite to you? On Monday, I saw you texting Woohyun.
Key: Ah I see. For Sunggyu, it was his birthday recently and I just text him once in a while.
Leeteuk: Oh really?
Key: Yes, but with Woohyun, I feel like I found another me when I contacted him. This is a really good fate!
Leeteuk: I thought he was texting his girlfriend. He was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and kept texting instead, so I told him "Woohyun, can you text your girlfriend after you're done brushing your teeth?" Then he said to me, "Hyung, it's Key~"
Key: It's always like that. His members and our members always ask us what we are, but it's so fun talking with him.
Leeteuk: We hope that you officially announce the relationship between you two on Sukira.

Watch their full conversation here:

Source : GoKpop

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